Joe Biden was stunned when the CEO of Ford revealed this electric vehicle disaster

Photo By Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexel

Democrats think that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation.

But one of their biggest boosters was forced to face this painful reality.

And Joe Biden was stunned when the CEO of Ford revealed this electric vehicle disaster.

President Joe Biden has poured tens of billions of dollars into forcing drivers to transition to electric vehicles to cut carbon emissions.

The Ford Motor Company has gone all-in on Biden’s vision of electrifying its fleet of vehicles. 

Biden appeared at one of Ford’s manufacturing plants to tout their electric vehicles and test drive the electric F-150.

Despite a vast array of tax credits and incentives to lure drivers in, unsold electric vehicles are piling up on dealership lots.

Ford CEO Jim Farley found out firsthand why drivers are refusing to make the switch.

He decided to get out of the office and use his company’s new electric F-150 Lightning to “see the EV transition in action” with a road trip through the West.

Farley started in Silicon Valley and then headed to Los Angeles before ending his trip in Las Vegas.

The road trip was documented on social media, and he admitted that it was “challenging” to charge the electric truck during the trip.

“Charging has been pretty challenging,” Farley said. “It was a really good reality check—the challenges of what our customers go through.”

The Ford CEO noted that he had to stop for 40 minutes to charge his truck’s battery to 40%.

The lack of charging stations for electric vehicles make long trips impractical and in many cases impossible.

Many of the commercial charging stations are plagued by long wait times and slow or broken chargers.

Biden and Ford want to force drivers into electrical vehicles, but the charging infrastructure isn’t in place to handle a mass transition.

Farley said that finding a charging station could be difficult during his road trip.

Biden proclaimed that the “great American road trip will be fully electrified” after he signed his pork barrel infrastructure bill into law last year.

The hype about electric vehicles from Biden and Ford doesn’t match the reality drivers are facing.

The Biden regime unveiled new tailpipe emission rules to ensure that two-thirds of all vehicles sold by 2032 are electric.

Despite massive investments from the federal government and automakers, the number of charging stations available can barely meet current demand.

A Kelly Blue Book survey of electric vehicle drivers found that over 20% of them weren’t able to charge at the closest public charging station because of a variety of problems, including broken equipment and payment system errors. 

A catastrophe is looming with Biden forcing drivers into electric vehicles despite a massive shortage of charging stations.

Ford CEO Jim Farley got to experience the major headache coming for drivers if Biden succeeds in forcing them to go electric.

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