Joe Biden’s face turned pale as a ghost after this Attorney General said enough is enough

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Democrats will not rest until the Second Amendment is a relic of the past. 

Instead of preventing violent crime and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, Democrats are hell-bent on passing nonsensical legislation designed to punish law-abiding gun owners. 

But Joe Biden’s face turned pale as a ghost after this Attorney General said enough is enough. 

Joe Biden’s latest anti-gun move has parents around the nation scratching their heads

From day one, Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear that he does not stand on the side of the Second Amendment and legal gun ownership. 

Earlier this year, the Biden administration reaffirmed its hatred for responsible gun ownership by declaring that all archery and hunting programs across the nation would lose their funding in the near future. 

These programs provide crucial gun safety instruction to thousands of young people and help foster an interest in conservation, marksmanship, and hunting. 

In response to this radical move, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron wrote a scathing letter to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

In his letter, Cameron said that “the Department is manipulating schools and students for political purposes.  Your actions represent the latest in a long line of Biden Administration policies that prioritize the woke agenda of the extreme Left over the well-being of our children.  The onslaught must stop.”

He added that “now is not the time to play politics with their education funding. You must therefore stop withholding money from elementary and secondary schools simply because they teach hunting or archery-related curricula.” 

Attorney General Daniel Cameron also spoke to Fox News Digital and said that “first, the extreme Left wanted to defund the police. Now they want to defund our schools simply for having hunting and archery programs.” 

He pointed out that “shooting sports are good for our kids, teaching them valuable life skills. I’m calling on the Biden Administration to restore the resources that our students and schools deserve.”

As he noted, this move from the Biden administration is shamelessly political in nature and does nothing to address gun violence in America.

It appears to many gun owners that this move from the Biden administration was specifically geared to punish his political foes while appeasing his radical anti-gun base. 

Joe Biden’s policy initiatives are both misguided and dangerous

Teaching young people about gun safety is essential. 

Political attacks such as this one from the Department of Education put lives at risk and strip funding from thousands of well-intentioned archery and hunting courses. 

This move by the Biden administration makes America less safe and only serves to punish responsible gun owners. 

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