Joe Biden’s latest broken promise could be a career-ending mistake

President Joe Biden delivers remarks to Department of Defense personnel, with Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Feb. 10, 2021. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

President Biden often forgets how to exit a stage, but that’s not the only thing he’s forgotten.

In a shocking display of negligence, President Joe Biden has failed to keep his promise to the people in a key 2024 bellwether.

Joe Biden broke his promise and he may never live it down.

Early this year, the town of East Palestine, Ohio, was ravaged by a catastrophic train derailment.

Since the accident on February 3, the small town has grappled with environmental pollution and contaminated water.

In the wake of the event, President Biden promised to visit the town soon.

But seven months later and he has yet to make good on his promise.

Biden’s excuse for his absence is a hectic schedule that includes jet-setting around the world.

It’s a blatant snub that highlights the President’s questionable priorities.

Additionally, it seems to diminish the terrible effects that the people of Ohio have weathered.

Toxic chemicals spilled and triggered health concerns among the locals.

Although officials assured residents that the air and water were safe, many reported suffering from nausea, dizziness, and headaches in the aftermath of the disaster.

Back on March 2, Biden promised to visit East Palestine “at some point.”

Fast forward to today and that promise remains unfulfilled.

According to Senator J.D. Vance, cleanup efforts are still underway, as “thousands of tons” of local soil is contaminated with chemicals.

What makes this situation even more infuriating is that Biden had a chance to acknowledge East Palestine during a flight to Milwaukee in August.

This inaction has drawn fierce criticism from Ohio Republicans, who rightly point out that Biden not only reneged on his promise to visit but also failed to provide vital assistance to aid in the town’s recovery.

Senator Vance minced no words in his condemnation by stating that “one hundred and sixty-six days ago, Joe Biden promised he would visit East Palestine. He has failed to keep that promise. Not only has Joe Biden refused to visit East Palestine, but he has also refused to grant critical assistance to the recovery effort.”

It’s a harsh truth that reflects the administration’s disregard for the plight of everyday Americans.

During a press conference in Live Oak, Florida, President Biden was asked about his delay in visiting East Palestine.

His response was a feeble excuse about his busy schedule, which included globetrotting from Washington, D.C. to India to Vietnam.

While the President gallivants around the world, East Palestine residents continue to grapple with the aftermath of a devastating disaster.

Biden’s neglect of a suffering American town in favor of international travel raises pressing questions about his priorities.

The people of East Palestine deserve better.

The devastation caused by the train derailment cannot be understated.

While Biden may think he can simply pay lip service to a community in crisis, the reality is that actions speak louder than words.

Residents need tangible support, not empty promises and excuses.

The lack of response from the White House is equally concerning.

Fox News Digital reached out for a statement but received no reply.

It’s a troubling indicator of the administration’s indifference to the plight of East Palestine and, by extension, other struggling American communities.

In the end, this situation underscores the urgent need for accountability and transparency in our government.

President Biden’s failure to visit East Palestine and provide the necessary assistance is a dereliction of duty that should concern every American.

It’s a harsh wake-up call about the priorities of our nation’s leadership.