Joe Biden’s latest gaffe left Anthony Fauci and the Democrat Party scrambling to undo the damage

These days, it goes without saying that whenever Joe Biden opens his mouth, he ends up having to backtrack later.

His recent interview on 60 minutes was littered with confusing wording and statements his administration probably wishes he hadn’t made.

But Joe Biden’s latest gaffe left Anthony Fauci and the Democrat Party scrambling to undo the damage.

Biden declares that the pandemic “is over”

During the televised interview, Biden told interviewer Scott Pelley that the pandemic is now “over” and that he thinks people are “in pretty good shape.”

As you can imagine, the remark caused the Democrats and people like Anthony Fauci’s heads to start spinning.

When the President makes such a bold statement about the virus, it puts their ability to control the populace through all of their ridiculous and unconstitutional mandates at risk.

Fear is a great motivator, and there’s just no way that most Democrats want to let go of that fear because it means they’d also surrender their power.

As you might expect, Biden backtracked later this week, telling the Democratic National Committee that the statement is “basically not where it was,” whatever that means.

And as per usual, his Press Secretary spent time defending his statement while somehow trying to make it make sense to the public.

Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that Biden was “very clear” in the interview and that he meant “COVID remains a problem, and we’re fighting it.”

She went on to say that the administration has to “continue to make sure that we are fighting this once-in-a-generation pandemic.”

How someone can declare a worldwide pandemic over but mean that it’s still a problem is quite the contradiction.

Democrats are desperately walking back Biden’s declaration

Of course, Anthony Fauci also had to chime in on the comments Biden made.

He tried to downplay it by saying that what Biden really meant was that the “very severe stage” of the pandemic is “no longer present” but that “people should not be cavalier that we’re out of the woods.”

That’s basically Democrat-speak for saying that the pandemic is still ongoing and that the battle over funding and mandates isn’t nearly over.

All of the Democrats are struggling to backpedal because they still want to push the student loan bailouts through and continue to try to kick conservatives out of our military over vaccine mandates.

They also want to continue to force mask mandates on public transit, which is still an issue currently pending appeal in the courts.

Perhaps most importantly, if the pandemic was really “over,” the Democrats couldn’t get their latest push for more wasteful COVID-19 funding approved.

Republican Senator Richard Burr wrote a letter stating that the administration wants to “maintain federal emergency declarations that cost taxpayers billions of dollars.”

If there’s one thing Democrats love other than control and power, it’s wasting taxpayer money.

Burr went on to write that Biden’s statement failed to lay out a clear plan to start winding down pandemic-related policies.

He mentioned that remarks like this mean that “the American people continue to be confused by mixed messages and distrust of federal officials.”

When the Commander-in-Chief can’t even make statements about a massive issue like COVID-19 crystal clear, it’s no surprise that Americans don’t trust the government.

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