Joe Biden’s latest immigration decree may be his most radical yet

What is happening at the southern border is a complete mess anyway you look at it. 

Joe Biden and his political allies have done absolutely nothing helpful to mitigate this crisis and it continues to get worse by the day.

But Biden’s latest immigration decree may be his most radical yet.

The Democrats have created a full-blown crisis

There is no way to sugar coat it, what is happening at the Mexican border is a complete disgrace.

Instead of actually doing something helpful, Biden is doing what he does best, and that is making a bad situation worse.

And Joe Biden’s latest solution is a doozy to say the least. 

The Biden administration has announced that they plan on adding a rule to DACA that would allow illegal aliens to qualify for work permits, among other permits.

The rule states that “The DHS is revising it to further clarify that, consistent with longstanding DACA policy, expunged convictions, juvenile delinquency adjudications, and immigration-related offenses characterized as felonies or misdemeanors under State laws are not considered automatically disqualifying convictions for purposes of this provision.”

What this rule does is skirt around federal immigration law to allow illegal migrants to get more privileges.

This rule will not do a thing to ease the pressure at the border and if anything it will create an even larger flood of illegal aliens.

The absolute last thing border patrol needs is another stampede to the border.

This poorly advised policy will inevitably cause millions more to try and illegally seek entry into the United States.

The border needs to be secured not opened up even more

The border crisis is affecting almost every aspect of life in America for the worse.

Large influxes of illegal aliens are putting tremendous strain on school systems, humanitarian efforts, and most public services. 

America is already overwhelmed as it is, with the economy teetering on a total collapse, and welcoming thousands more economic migrants is a recipe for disaster.

Donald Trump knew exactly what was going on at the border and his response, although not perfect, was a major step in the right direction.

Joe Biden’s only policy is to be anti-Trump every step of the way, even if that means creating chaos at the border.

America needs to finish the border wall and make security a top priority.

Not only does America suffer from mass illegal immigration, but migrants suffer as well.

The southern border is a hotbed for human trafficking and drug trafficking and the Mexican cartels wield enormous influence.

Fixing the problems at the border begins with going after drug cartels and making border towns as secure as possible.

Providing more incentives for illegal aliens is the worst possible thing Americans could do right now.

Joe Biden is creating a mess that is bound to spiral even more out of control.

America deserves a President who actually cares about protecting the best interests of the United States instead of the best interests of illegal aliens and drug cartels. 

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