Joe Biden’s plan to “end hunger” in America couldn’t come at a worse time

It’s no secret that Americans are suffering under massive inflation and an economy on the brink.

Even the middle to the upper middle class are feeling the effects and spending less on items from furniture and clothing to real estate.

But Joe Biden’s plan to “end hunger” in America couldn’t come at a worse time.

Executive actions and new policies are gearing up

People from all walks of life are struggling to put gas in their vehicles, pay their rent or mortgage, and buy groceries for their families.

But Joe Biden thinks he can “fix” the problem by releasing an avalanche of new executive actions and implementing new policies. 

The fact is that the government can’t save people from an economy that just won’t relent – that’s a job for the free market.

But the Democrats continue to push their Big Government agenda, this time looking at nutrition and hunger as major sticking points.

One of Biden’s goals is to “end hunger” by 2030, but insanely high prices are putting the brakes on his plan.

In a briefing, an administration official said that Biden’s “number one economic priority is tackling inflation and lowering prices for Americans.”

It’s almost impossible to see how the White House will be capable of doing this with a stroke of a pen. 

Part of the plan includes directives for the FDA and other agencies to expand their participation in federal nutrition programs, which is government-speak for things like welfare and food stamps.

The President also wants Congress to pass new laws offering wider access to the number of kids allowed to receive free school meals.

Biden would also like to see an expansion of the child tax credit.

The problem is, all of these plans cost money, and that money has to come from somewhere (i.e., the taxpayers’ wallets).

White House conference on hunger

The White House is planning to hold a conference on hunger with many Democrat key players taking part in the circus, including Cory Booker.

It’s only the second meeting of its kind since 1969 when the conference expanded the food stamp program, which has now lasted for decades.

One White House advisor who has been taking part in biweekly Zoom calls said that the planning process has been a “clusterf**k.”

That very well could be the understatement of the year.

It seems that everything Biden and his administration touch turns into a massive mess that only makes things worse.

The Zoom calls held by the White House have been chaotic and filled with people from all different groups and special interests, AKA lobbyists.

Meanwhile, Democrats still seem to think that the President has enough power to bring food prices down to reasonable levels.

Unfortunately for them, it’s unlikely that most if any of the new proposals will pass before the Midterm elections.

You don’t need a conference or an expanded government to fix food prices that are too high.

What you really need is a government capable of letting businesses and individuals run their own lives and let the market work the way it should. 

You also need the Federal Reserve to stop printing money and manipulating the markets. 

Only then will Americans truly see inflation start to go down, and everyday essentials become affordable again. 

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