Joe Biden’s preschool instruction card is causing many to reconsider his viability

There is no way around it, Joe Biden is a very unpopular President.

Not only is he unpopular, but even many lifelong Democrats are seriously concerned about cognitive abilities.

But things took a drastic turn once Joe Biden was spotted with this embarrassing instruction card made for a preschooler.

Joe Biden’s failing mental faculties

Over the past half-century of Joe Biden being in politics, he has proved several things about himself.

For one, he is at times unpredictable.  

He will say things that make no sense and often dial back on his wild remarks later.

The next is that he will do whatever his radical party tells him to do. 

And in his year and a half in office, Joe Biden has reaffirmed both of these things.

Due to the influence of radical leftists in his party, Joe Biden has destroyed the American economy with brain dead tax-and-spend policies. 

But more concerningly, Joe Biden does not seem to be all there.

Whether it is shaking hands with the air, saying things that make no sense, Biden seems to be losing his mind.

Biden’s latest gaffe is turning some heads

Biden’s mental decline is undeniable at this point, and even most Democrats cannot deny how bad it has become.

But Biden’s decline just made headlines yet again the other day when he was spotted with an embarrassingly simple cue card.

While at a Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership meeting at the White House, Joe Biden was photographed clutching a card that gave him step-by-step instructions of how to act. 

One of the instructions read “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to the participants,” the note card instructed Joe Biden. It goes on to say, “YOU take YOUR seat.”

You can see why people are concerned.

What this means for President Biden

For all of the obvious reasons, people (including many Democrats) are very concerned about Biden’s ability to lead this country.

If he really is that mentally declined then he should have close medical attention, and a job as strenuous as President of the United States is far too much for him to handle. 

That means either the 25th Amendment should be invoked, which was designed to remove Presidents who were no longer fit to serve or America can wait for two years and hopefully elect a new President, who isn’t whacked out and senile.

America deserves much better than Joe Biden.  

So far Joe Biden has quickly earned his spot as one of the worst Presidents of all time.

Whether it is record high gas prices, insanely high inflation, unbearable spikes in violent crime, or food shortages, Biden’s administration has failed America. 

It is time to start looking at somebody who can replace him in 2024, and this time America deserves somebody who will actually fight for them.

No American should ever have to worry about whether their grocery store will have food.

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