Joe Biden’s top energy advisor just made a prediction about gas prices that could come back to haunt Democrats in November

Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency is dragging down Democrats across the board.

Polls show inflation and high gas prices are the top issues for voters this fall. 

And Joe Biden’s top energy advisor just made a prediction about gas prices that could come back to haunt Democrats in November.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are fighting for their political lives this election.

Republicans only need to flip one seat in the Senate and five in the House to oust Schumer and Pelosi from power.

Democrats have no accomplishments to help them make their case to voters ahead of the Midterm elections.

Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency

Joe Biden is the most unpopular President in American history.

Even though they control the highest office in the land, Joe Biden is so politically toxic that Democrats running in key battleground states refuse to appear in public with him.

According to a new CIVIQS poll released on Sunday, Joe Biden’s approval rating has remained at a dismal 30 percent among registered voters for the 19th consecutive day.

Even worse for Democrats, a new CNBC/All-America Economic survey found Joe Biden’s economic approval rating at an all-time low of 30 percent.

This is bad news for Democrats, as polls consistently show the economy, particularly inflation and high gas prices, are the top issues for voters this November.

Of course, Joe Biden refuses to accept any of the blame for the disasters he created.

Instead, he blames it on “Putin’s price hike” and greedy oil executives.

Biden’s economic advisor makes a bold prediction

After hitting a record high of $5.02 a gallon on June 14, gas prices have slowly declined over the past month.

Today, the national average sits around $4.52 per gallon.

Even though the price has dropped over the past month, $4.52 a gallon is still a 43% increase over the past year.

Joe Biden and officials from his administration have been promising the American people that inflation was “transitory” from the moment it started skyrocketing.

Even though they’ve been proven wrong time and time again, Joe Biden’s advisors are still parroting the “transitory” narrative to the public.

But now they’re applying it to gas prices.

During an interview with CBS News’ Face the Nation, Amos Hutchinson, the Presidential coordinator for international energy affairs, told host Margaret Brennan that he expects gas prices “to come down more towards $4.”

“And we already have many gas stations around the country that are below $4,” Hutchinson continued, before adding that “this is the fastest decline rate that we’ve seen against a major increase of oil prices during a war in Europe where one of the parties in the war is the third largest producer in the world.”

Hutchinson then claimed that Joe Biden’s decision to tap the Strategic Reserves “has supplied the U.S. market with a million barrels a day, which is a historic level.” 

However, Hutchinson conveniently failed to mention the 5 million barrels of oil Joe Biden just sold from the Strategic Reserves to a Chinese company with financial ties to Hunter.

This is a bold prediction for Joe Biden’s advisor to publicly make.

Gas prices are already a top concern for voters.

Joe Biden has already falsely called inflation “transitory” on multiple occasions.

If Joe Biden’s prediction of gas prices coming down also turns out to be false, Democrats will pay the price for it at the ballot box this fall.

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