Joe Manchin’s head is spinning as his re-election is now in doubt

Joe Manchin has been a thorn in Joe Biden’s side since the President first was sworn into office. 

Manchin’s willingness to occasionally vote against the wishes of his fellow Democrats earned him a following of supporters that included moderate Democrats, independents and even some Republicans. 

But Manchin’s head is now spinning as those same supporters race away from him as fast as they can. 

Inflation Reduction Hoax

Since January 2021, radical leftists have been calling for the heads of Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. 

Manchin and Sinema refused to support the nuclear option and ditch the Senate’s filibuster rule in order to pass a federal law allowing abortion-on-demand or gut the entire election system and replace it with pandemic-style rules ripe for fraud and cheating. 

Manchin, in particular, also seemed to be standing in the way of President Joe Biden’s supposed, “Build Back Better” bill – which Republicans more accurately described as “Build Back Broke.” 

For many months, Manchin agreed with the GOP, saying the Democrat plan of massive spending and money printing wouldn’t be prudent in a time of recession and runaway inflation. 

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Manchin changed his tune and agreed to a slightly modified version of the bill that he and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer re-dubbed, the “Inflation Reduction Act.” 

With a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Kamala Harris, the Senate voted 51-50 to pass the ironically-named bill – including ‘yea’ votes from Manchin and Sinema. 

The House of Representatives followed suit, passing the spending boondoggle on a 100% party-line vote, 220-207 – with four Republicans missing the vote.

Voters aren’t buying it

Most economists agree the bill will do little-to-nothing to actually reduce inflation, and is more likely to actually make inflation worse. 

And American workers agree. 

According to a YouGov survey – a polling outlet that is almost always skewed to the Left – only 13% of voters believe the Biden/Schumer/Manchin bill will drive down inflation. 

The plurality of voters, 42%, believe the bill will actually increase already crippling inflation. 

Manchin’s move backfires

And those same voters are now turning on Manchin for betraying them in a time of recession. 

The same poll found Manchin went from one of the most-tolerated politicians in the country, sitting at merely a negative-one national approving rating before he changed his mind on “Build Back Broke,” to now being one of the most hated. 

In fact, after supporting the “Inflation Reduction Hoax,” Manchin’s national approval rating sank like a rock in water, down 29-points instantaneously, all the way to negative-30. 

And while a survey of purely West Virginia voters would give a better insight as to how much damage Manchin has done to his 2024 re-election prospects – such a personal nosedive in national approval seems to pour cold water on the idea the passage of this spending package will help Democrats seize the day this November. 

But only time will tell. 

Will the Democrat’s “Inflation Reduction Act” actually reduce inflation?