John Fetterman said the unthinkable in a head-turning admission about his health

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrat Senator John Fetterman continues to raise concerns about his fitness to serve in office.

Fetterman embarked on a public relations offensive to put the doubts to rest.

But John Fetterman said the unthinkable in a head-turning admission about his health.

John Fetterman spent nearly two months in the hospital receiving treatment for clinical depression.

In an interview with People magazine, Fetterman admitted his depression stemmed from the fact that the near fatal stroke he suffered last May left him in a diminished cognitive and physical state.

Fetterman revealed this realization set in after his catastrophic debate performance against Republican rival Dr. Oz where he blurted out incoherent answers and could not process the moderator’s questions.

But now that Fetterman is back in Washington, D.C., the Pennsylvania Democrat appears to be trying to claim his real issues don’t stem from the stroke but from his mental health.

Fetterman told National Public Radio that his depression sent him into such a funk that he stopped eating and drinking and lost 25 pounds.

“I was so depressed that I didn’t even realize I was depressed.  I didn’t even understand it. This, to me, just became the new normal. I wasn’t realizing [that] I wasn’t eating. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t really drinking much,” Fetterman began.

Fetterman also claimed his depression caused him to blurt out incoherent comments and find himself lost on simple walks around Washington, D.C.

“I dropped 25 pounds. And sometimes I would say things, incoherent things and I would become kind of just [disoriented], and get lost walking around in Washington,” Fetterman added.

But Fetterman’s conduct on his first day back led critics to cast doubt on that explanation.

In his first Committee hearing upon returning to the Senate, Fetterman could not read his opening statement and jumbled his words even though he was reading them off a computer screen.

Fetterman clearly had issues with depression and received necessary treatment.

But Fetterman and the Democrats have not been honest with the public about his condition from the start.

And critics contend this latest media tour is designed to nudge Americans away from thinking Fetterman is too impaired to serve by recasting his cognitive and physical deficiencies as a mental health challenge.

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