John Fetterman’s recent wardrobe decision has voters asking a lot of questions

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Pennsylvania’s Senate race was one of the most competitive and closely watched battles in the country last year.

Even though John Fetterman showed alarming signs of physical and mental deterioration throughout the campaign, voters still sent him to Washington, D.C.

But John Fetterman’s recent wardrobe decision has voters asking a lot of questions. 

John Fetterman’s tattered appearance is raising eyebrows across the nation

In recent years, John Fetterman has demonstrated significant mental and physical decline through the way he speaks and the way he carries himself.  

Unfortunately for John Fetterman, speaking clearly and keeping up appearances is the primary job of a United States Senator. 

After a number of hospital visits for mental and physical health reasons, Senator Fetterman is back in Washington D.C., where he is learning the hard way that life as a United States Senator is not easy.

In recent days, Senator Fetterman has been spotted walking around the Capitol building and attending Senate events while wearing his trademark hoodie and workout shorts. 

Not only is this attire unbefitting of a United States Senator, but it is unacceptable for anyone outside of the gym. 

To make matters worse, Senator Fetterman can barely put a coherent sentence together. 

At a hearing about food stamps, Senator Fetterman claimed that “the Republicans want to give a work requirement for SNAP.” 

“You know, for a uh, uh, uh, a hungry family has to have these, these kinds of penalties, or these some kinds of words — working uh, require — Shouldn’t you have a working requirement, after we sail your bank, billions of your bank?” Fetterman rambled. “Because you seem we were preoccupied, uh when, then SNAP requirements for work, for hungry people, but not about protecting the tax, the tax papers, you know, that will bail them out of whatever does about a bank to crash it.”

These sorts of word salads have become an everyday occurrence for Fetterman, who is still recovering from a number of strokes and mental health problems. 

Concerns about Senator Fetterman’s health were brought up regularly on the campaign trail, but his cronies were quick to dismiss them, often labeling them as Republican attacks.

John Fetterman is not fit to serve in any elected office

Senator John Fetterman’s condition and situation prove that Democrats will do absolutely anything to win elections, even if it means ramming through someone who is clearly not well. 

Listening to John Fetterman speak is very painful.

His inability to complete a sentence and his inability to dress appropriately proves that he is simply unfit for office. 

America deserves to have people in office who, at the very least, are able to carry themselves with an ounce of dignity.

It is clear that John Fetterman is not up for the task. 

If Fetterman’s health continues to slip, Pennsylvania voters will need to reevaluate his future. 

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