John Rich is climbing the charts with this new anti-woke song

Photo by Keith Hinkle, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The far-Left in America take for granted that all of the “celebrities” are on their side.

However, in comedy, movies, and even music, more and more artists are coming out of the closet as MAGA fans.

And now John Rich is climbing the charts with this new anti-woke song. 

Is it the End of the World?

Trump-supporter John Rich has done it again! 

Donald Trump named the country-music megastar the winner of season 11 of the Celebrity Apprentice.

Rich donated his winnings to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

But now the former lead man from Big & Rich is back with another hit song.

This time Rich is collaborating with conservative rapper Tom McDonald. 

As you can hear in the above video, the song End of the World looks at the dangers of the woke movement and Fake News Media. 

“I know the end is near, the television tellin’ lies,” McDonald raps in the song. “I know for sure the revolution won’t be televised.” 

In the song, McDonald and Rich also blast the Black Lives Matter movement and the government’s response to COVID19. 

“Feel like the bomb about to drop out of the clouds,” McDonald continues. “Another virus goin’ airborne, go hide inside your house. Farmers watching crops die, they drying up with droughts. Angry people forming crowds and try to burn the cities down. This is Armageddon, martial law for our protection.” 

The song concludes with a call to stand and fight to save society from the craziness of the radical Left. 

“Judgment day is coming, you can run or you can stand and fight,” McDonald rhymes. “Panic in the dark or lead rebellions by candlelight. This ain’t your granddaddy’s planet earth, it’s black and white. The end is coming, I’ll see y’all in the afterlife.” 

While McDonald raps the verses, Rich comes in to sing the chorus. 

“We stood on top of mountains,” Rich sings. “We’ve been to space before. We had our dogs in houses. We dug up dinosaurs. We built the bombs they’re droppin.’ We fought in all their wars. Now that the sky is falling, what did we do it for?”

Rich strikes gold again

The song went viral. 

In just its first nine days of release on YouTube, the video logged 4.2 million views. 

End of the World is also one of the top current videos on Rumble. 

Rich has never been shy about his conservative values.

In another conservative-theme song he released last summer, Progress, he did not even try to be subtle.

Much like End of the World, Progress is a protest song against the radically woke.

In Progress, Rich tells the extreme Left to stick their “progress” where the sun doesn’t shine. 

A refreshing new trend

Patriotic songs speaking out against the decaying of American society have become the rage as of late. 

End of the World in 2023, Progress in 2022, and Am I the Only One in 2021 were hits. 

Formerly of rock band Staind, Aaron Lewis released the Anthem to huge fan fare two years ago and started a trend that is sweeping the music world. 

Now his fellow conservative artists are answering the call and proving that he is not the only one still willing to fight for America. 

Do you like Tom McDonald and John Rich’s new hit song, End of the World?