Josh Hawley just put this Biden nominee on blast after catching her in a lie

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The Biden administration has made a habit out of lying to the American people.

In fact, President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was filled with lies. 

And now Josh Hawley just put this Biden nominee on blast after catching her in a lie. 

Josh Hawley is grilling the Biden administration

America First Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) serves on the Senate Judiciary, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Energy and Natural Resources, and Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committees. 

Hawley has proven himself as a skilled interrogator with the courage to confront President Joe Biden’s nominees with hard truths and tough questions. 

Earlier this week, Hawley, a former Attorney General, once again put his cross-examination skills on full display.

But this time it was President Joe Biden’s nominee for National Archivist who was on Hawley’s hot seat.  

Another Biden nominee caught in a lie

After nominee Colleen Joy Shogan mentioned what she uses her Twitter account for, Hawley pounced and caught her in an outright lie. 

Shogan said on the record and under oath that the reason she refused to provide her social media posts to the Committee was her “personal Twitter consists of posts about mystery novels, events at the White House historical association, Pittsburgh sports teams, travels, and her dog.”

Hawley asked her – again for the record and under oath – to confirm this statement. 

After she answered in the affirmative, Hawley brought up exhibits of Shogan’s actual tweets, which are littered with far-Left views and opinions. 

“On February 18, 2022, you posted on Twitter bemoaning the dropping of mask mandates for children – including those under the age of five,” Hawley reminded Shogan. “Do you remember that post?” 

“No Senator,” Shogan answered back, “Those tweets were in my personal capacity.” 

Hawley then reminded her that she did not include any political beliefs or policy preferences when she outlined in detail what her personal social media posts included. 

Hawley – who has a child under the age of five – then reasserted his question about her tweet in favor of mask mandates for young children. 

“My social media is in my personal capacity, Senator,” Shogan replied. 

The Missouri Senator followed up a third time and explained her answer to the question was important because she refused to supply the Committee with any of her public social media posts. 

Shogan continued to answer the same way, coming off like a broken record with something to hide. 

Hawley added that all that data reflects that mask mandates are “extremely harmful to children.” 

He then moved to another tweet. 

“The 26th of May, 2022, you talk about an assault weapons ban,” Hawley said. “Retweeted post, ban assault weapons now. You say you agree with this idea that you have to be a certain age to buy so-called ‘assault weapons’ in America. Is that a post about sports teams or your dog or mystery novels? 

“My social media is in my personal capacity, Senator,” Shogan once again replied like a stuck robot.

Is the National Archivist important?

According to, the National Archivist heads the National Archives and Records Administration – which is America’s official record keeper. 

They pick from the government’s records and keep about 1%-3% of all business records for legal and historical reasons. 

From there, the records are sorted, cataloged, and made available to the public. 

If Hawley is willing to do this much investigation and grill the National Archivist position this hard, it shows he’s not willing to let any Biden nominee get a free pass. 

Are a federal nominee’s social media posts important information in their confirmation hearings?