Joy Reid has officially lost it after she insanely compared this GOP Congressman to a KKK Grand Wizard

Democrats are reveling in Republicans’ internal fight over who will be the next House Speaker.

Kevin McCarthy has not secured the 218 votes he needed and the corporate-controlled press is loving it.

But Joy Reid has officially lost it after she insanely compared this GOP Congressman to a KKK Grand Wizard.

With Tiffany Cross out the door, Joy Reid has separated from the pack for the title of most unprofessional MSNBC talking head.

Her only real competition at the current moment is Never-Trumper Nicolle Wallace, who has somehow become a lead anchor at the network.

Reid used Republicans’ fight over who will be the next Speaker of the House to take a cheap shot at Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA).

During a panel discussion with former RINO consultant Kurt Bardella, who suffered from such a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome he now works for the radical Left, Reid compared Rep. Scalise to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, a former Democrat.

Reid asked Bardella who Republicans could elect if Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) can’t get the votes.

“Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, who got the second-most votes in the Republican conference for speaker today, even though he said he doesn’t want it,” Bardella responded.

That’s when Reid chose to take a shot at Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“There’s no 218 votes for that guy,” Reid claimed. “The minute he became Speaker, the next day, the George Clooney-executive-produced documentary about what he did when he was an assistant coach in Ohio and all of those young men were assaulted is coming out. So, he doesn’t want to be Speaker for good reason.”

Rep. Jordan does not want to be Speaker because it is a thankless job, and he prefers to be a bulldog on the House Judiciary Committee.

“That is why I think Scalise is the most likely candidate,” Bardella added, even though Scalise does not want the job either.

That’s when Reid replied, “David Duke without the baggage.”

“Long time political reporter claims that when she first met Scalise when David Duke was a state Representative, and Scalise, who was from Louisiana as well, told her, ‘I’m like David Duke without the baggage,’” she claimed.

Reid left out the part about Duke running for office as a Democrat.

Democrats use the same tactics over and over.

They simply accuse their political opponents of racism, sexism, and any other smear they can come up with.

As for Rep. McCarthy, he is currently paying the price for being an establishment RINO.

A growing number of House Republicans are tired of business as usual in Washington, D.C. and will not rubber-stamp him as Speaker.

Now, Kevin McCarthy is in the political fight of his life.

Will Rep. Kevin McCarthy eventually be named Speaker of the House?