Joy Reid jumped the shark with her latest comments on Christianity

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Joy Reid has a history of hateful, ignorant, and offensive remarks.

Her general unpleasantness is to the degree that it almost makes her name sound ironic.

But Joy Reid jumped the shark with her latest comments on Christianity.

Through some combination of her own luck and perhaps fear of political blowback by network bigwigs, MSNBC host Joy Reid has so far managed to keep her job.

It’s not because her show garners high ratings and it’s not because she ever says anything particularly insightful.

Joy Reid thrives on pure hatred and, unfortunately, there is always a baseline market for that kind of rhetoric.

A checkered past and a history of dishonesty

Reid managed to skate after homophobic blog posts were discovered five years ago.

Her first instinct was to deny they belonged to her by claiming that her social media account was hacked.

When she couldn’t sell that line credibly, she had to admit that she had said “dumb” and “hurtful” things in the past.

Fast forward to this week and the “dumb” and “hurtful” remarks are back.

In the latest incarnation of her show, The Reid Out, Joy Reid had Public Religion Research Institute founder and president Robert Jones on as a guest.

Jones authored the book, The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy: and the Path to a Shared American Future.

While being interviewed by Reid, Jones asserted that a doctrine from the Pope in the 15th century says that “the defining characteristic is whether or not these [Western Europeans] are Christian or not.”

He then added that the doctrine allegedly asserts that “if they are not Christian and if they are not already subjugated by a Christian power, then they essentially have no human rights. And it goes on to explicitly spell out that they have the right to occupy, conquer, kill, steal their goods, and then this phrase is like literally in the document, something that still rings in my head, and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery.”

Jones then claimed that some Americans are trying to restore that past by adhering to this doctrine.

Reid eagerly supported Jones’ framing.

“And so this is what gives license in their minds to European colonizers to try to enslave indigenous people, to wipe them out if they resist in any way, and to enslave Africans,” she said. “That’s how they do it and still in their minds, advance the interests of Christianity.”

Nothing but radical leftist ideology

Jones then made the argument that somehow this sort of colonizing mindset was inherent in the decision of officials in certain states to remove AP African History from the school curriculum.

Jones said “that idea is so old and so deep it explains in many ways the visceral reactivity. Why are we fighting today about AP African-American history? Arkansas banned it, Florida’s been fighting it, and it’s because it tells this alternative story about the country that’s not just settlers, pioneers — a naive mythology of innocence.”

DeSantis pushed to remove AP African-American history because its controversial and poisonous ideology violated the state’s anti-woke law.

“When you try to use black history to shoehorn in queer theory, you are clearly trying to use that for political purposes,” DeSantis said at the time. “And I also think it’s not fair to say that somehow abolishing prisons is somehow linked to, like, Black experience, that’s what Black people want. I don’t think that’s true at all.  I think they want law and order just like anybody else wants law and order.”

In the end, Reid was simply peddling her usual left-wing poison.

And her meager audience serves as a heartening reminder that those who fall for it are a limited few.

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