Judge Judy just read Gen Z and their parents the riot act

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Judge Judy Sheindlin has long been known for her tough stance on criminals in the courtroom.

The television star is always vocal about where she stands.

And Judge Judy just read Gen Z and their parents the riot act.

Judge Judy calls out Gen Z’s lazy attitude

Many people who are part of Gen Z, which are those born between 1997 and 2012, claim that they get a “bad rap.”

But according to Judge Judy, “they grew up with a different philosophy. And they are the products of the philosophy, ‘Everybody gets a trophy.’”  

Gen Z is often highlighted in the media and in pop culture with unflattering labels like tech-obsessed, lazy, and entitled. 

According to Sheindlin, who was born in 1942, today’s younger generation has been coddled too much, which is in stark contrast with her own childhood.

“I grew up – and that’s not the Greatest Generation – but when I grew up, you ran a race, you came in first, you got a trophy. Sometimes you even got a second-place prize. Even the Olympics have three prizes. But if there are 20 people in a race and everybody gets a trophy, you get a trophy for first, second, third, fourth. Most Congenial, Best Outfit, Best Sportsmanship, Most Personality, Best Joke,” she said.

“So everybody gets a trophy,” she added.

Judge Judy concluded that much of the problems for Gen Z start at home.

She issued a challenge to parents for them not to be their children’s “friend.”

She said that “you grew up with that group of kids with parents who I think mistakenly wanted to be their friend more than a parent.”

Sheindlin also noted that while there are more busy working households today, morality is being taught in school instead of at home, which is a “big mistake.”

“You’re supposed to learn good things at home and ABCs in schools. Easy,” she added.

She also suggested that the problem is now infiltrating the workplace.

An April survey from ResumeBuilder.com found that 74 percent of managers and business leaders said Gen Z was more difficult to work with than other generations.

The respondents said the generation feels that they’re more entitled and demonstrate a lack of effort, motivation, and productivity. 

The Judge outlines tips for success

While many members of Gen Z think they’re getting a bad rap, Sheindlin said that “you only get a bad rap if you deserve it.”

She also emphasized that hard work is how you get ahead. 

“Well, if you want to be successful in what you do, you’re supposed to be first in the morning and close up shop,” she said. “Somebody will notice that.”

Judge Judy isn’t the only famous person to call out Gen Z.

Actress Jodie Foster also spoke about her experiences with them in January and said that they are “really annoying” to work with.

Foster told The Guardian that “they’re really annoying, especially in the workplace.”

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