Justin Trudeau is targeting hunters with this latest tyrannical move

Pro-gun patriots have been warning about this for decades.

If gun grabbers can ban one, they’ll soon push to ban them all.

And that’s exactly what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is looking to do with this latest tyrannical move.

If Canadians don’t act now, what remnants of freedom still surviving will soon be crushed by Liberal government led by Trudeau.

Trudeau amendment will ban virtually all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns

Gun grabbers around the world will claim that they aren’t coming for our guns, that they are just looking to make it more difficult for criminals to get their hands on firearms.

But the truth is, whether it is in Washington, D.C., Ottawa, or the Hague, gun control zealots hate the idea of their citizens having firearms.

After all, an armed citizenry is the greatest bulwark against government tyranny.

Back in 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took radical action to immediately ban what he referred to as “military-style assault weapons.” 

Of course, as we know here in the United States, gun grabbers like Joe Biden just use that term as a catch all for any and all firearms that they don’t like.

It’s all about scary cosmetic features, not actual functionality of the firearm.

Now Trudeau and his Liberal government are looking to build off of this ban to include “any centrefire rifle or shotgun that can hold a magazine that can hold more than five cartridges,” according to the Toronto Sun

In other words, this will virtually ban every semi-automatic rifle or shotgun with a detachable magazine, or even tube-loaded shotguns capable of accepting a tube extension.

The sad truth is that rifles and shotguns that use magazines holding more than five rounds are already illegal in Canada, but now they expanded it to include any firearm that can potentially hold more than five rounds.

And through this absurd amendment, hundreds of rifles and shotguns popular with hunters will be banned overnight.

As is typical with the gun grabbers, the government is pushing to “buy back” all the illegal firearms, which is likely to cost over $2 billion, according to the Toronto Sun.

That is, of course, if Canadians actually abide by Ottawa’s edicts.

Not about safety, all about control

Time and again gun control is proven to be an absolute failure in delivering on the utopian claims made by its most ardent proponents.

Every time a crime is committed with a gun, Democrats and their allies in the corporate-controlled media trot out the same tired old tropes claiming that if just a little more gun control was passed we’d all be safer.

Yet the latest two mass shootings in America happened in two of the most gun-controlled states: Virginia and Colorado.

Let us not forget that one of the most anti-gun cities in the U.S., Chicago, is one of the most violent.

Gun control disarms law-abiding citizens, period. 

And while some politicians may naively believe that they are making their communities safer, many actually are so delusional to believe that only the government should have guns and will use government power (with guns, of course) to achieve their goals.

Will Canadians obey or resist gun control?

The last time Trudeau went for gun control in 2020, the Canadian people rewarded him by re-electing Liberal government, in spite of his draconian COVID lockdown policies.

Now that it is clear that Trudeau is going for a near total semi-auto ban, will Canadians wake up and fight back?

Canadians seem to be lulled into a sleepy state of “it can’t happen here,” so they may just stumble their way into tyranny just as the nations before it.

And if Americans aren’t careful it could very well happen here too.

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