Kamala Harris is in a full-blown panic over this clever proposal spreading around Washington, D.C.

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Nearly every recent Presidential approval rating poll shows that the vast majority of Americans do not support Joe Biden and the job he is doing as President. 

Joe Biden’s embarrassingly low favorability is causing him and his administration to rethink how they do business, especially in the lead up to the highly anticipated 2024 election. 

And now Kamala Harris is in a full-blown panic over this clever proposal spreading around Washington, D.C. 

Joe Biden should rethink his campaign strategy if he hopes to improve his favorability

According to RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden has an average approval rating of 41%.

These embarrassingly low poll numbers have prompted many political experts to question Joe Biden’s political strategies and whether or not he has what it takes to win in 2024. 

One such pundit is George Skelton, who works as a columnist at the Los Angeles Times

On Thursday, Skelton penned an article suggesting Joe Biden should drop Kamala Harris as his Vice President.

Skelton claimed that Kamala Harris could replace 90-year-old Senator Diane Feinstein, who has made headlines recently due to her alleged health concerns. 

More specifically, Skelton claimed that “President Biden has a problem. So does Vice President Kamala Harris. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is a problem. There’s a solution for all of this.  Biden’s problem is Harris. She’s a burden — a drag on his reelection prospects.” 

He added that “Biden would need to invite her into the Oval Office for a heart-to-heart. She has been a terrific senator with lots to be proud of, but it’s time to let go — for the country’s sake, the state’s, and her own — he’d urge, speaking as a longtime senator himself and a former colleague.”
Although this move is highly unlikely, it shows that there are significant rifts within the Joe Biden White House. 

When Joe Biden first announced that Kamala Harris would serve as his running mate, many on the Left rejoiced over the fact that she had the potential to be the first woman to ever serve as Vice President. 

This tone quickly changed, with many on both sides of the political spectrum losing faith in her ability to effectively communicate and inspire her fellow Americans.  

Who Joe Biden selects as his running mate has very serious implications for the future of America

Typically, a running mate selection has a very little impact on the results of the General Election.

Vice Presidents usually play an insignificant role in American politics. 

However, given Joe Biden’s advanced age and declining mental health, many believe that he may not be able to serve until the year 2029. 

That means Joe Biden’s running mate could very well become the next President of the United States, which adds much more weight to this decision. 

At this point, it seems likely that Kamala Harris will get the nod once again, but only time will tell whether or not this comes to fruition.  

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