Kamala Harris is panicking after this devastating poll taken in her home state

Every single aspect of life in America is getting worse.

Far-left policies being enacted by the people running the country have driven it into the ground.

But Americans are not stupid. And this one poll that was just recently released has Kamala Harris shaking with fear.

Of all of the people who are running our nation into the ground, the most obvious and visible example is the clowns in the White House.

More specifically, President Joe Biden (and his handlers) and Vice President Kamala Harris.

As it stands, Joe Biden has an absolutely dreadful approval rating.

RealClearPolitics has his average approval rating at just over 40%, which is among the lowest approval ratings for a President in the history of our nation.

And Kamala Harris is doing no better.

In fact, a Kamala Harris approval poll was just taken in her home state (and far-left Democrat stronghold) of California, and the results were very shocking.

You would think that in a state like California, one where Harris served as Attorney General and a U.S. Senator, she would be a hero.

But the opposite is true.

According to a recent poll published by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, only 35 percent of Californians approve of the job Harris is doing, and 45 percent disapprove.

This is truly an astonishing poll.

Remember, this was a state that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won in the 2020 election with 64% of the vote, compared to Trump’s 35% of the vote.

In a massive state like California, that amounts to a difference of over 5 million votes.

However, it appears as if this duo’s popularity is sinking fast.

A 30% dip in under two years is nearly unheard of in politics, especially in California, which is among the most reliably blue states in the nation.

If her approval rating is 35% in California, then it must be in the single digits in more conservative parts of our nation.

These abysmal approval ratings are shocking, but not completely unsurprising.

Kamala Harris has been nothing short of a complete failure during her short time as Vice President.

Nearly every single task she has attempted to undertake has resulted in a head-scratching gaffe.

To make matters worse for her, it seems like she has a nervous tick that forces her to laugh like Fran Drescher in even the most dire and serious situations.

Americans are not amused, and as a result, a red wave is forming.

If this red wave sweeps across the nation this November, Kamala will not be laughing so much anymore.

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