Kamala Harris just embarrassed herself once again on the national stage 

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Since taking the Oath of Office, Joe Biden and his administration have committed a shocking number of gaffes and mistakes. 

With this in mind, it should not surprise anybody that Joe Biden’s approval ratings have hit rock bottom. 

But Kamala Harris just embarrassed herself once again on the national stage. 

Kamala Harris just set the internet on fire with this cringe worthy performance 

No other President has committed as many embarrassing gaffes and blunders as Joe Biden has. 

Many experts have attributed Biden’s knack for gaffes to his low approval ratings, with some recently released approval-rating polls dipping as low as 37%. 

One of the few people who can out-gaffe Joe Biden is none other than his own Vice President, Kamala Harris. 

Just last Sunday, Vice President Kamala Harris unexpectedly participated in this year’s annual Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards. 

In a pre-filmed skit that aired during the awards show, host Taraji P. Henson appeared to video call Harris to discuss the upcoming election. 

Kamala Harris told viewers that the Biden campaign is “out here in these streets,” which is a reference to a popular rap song. 

More specifically, Henson asked Harris, “Madam VP Harris, I’m worried about the election. Women’s reproductive rights are on the line, our Supreme Court is on the line, our basic freedoms are being tested. Madam VP, I know you’ve been traveling across the country.  What are you hearing?”

“Yeah girl, I’m out here in these streets. And let me tell you, you’re right, Taraji. There is so much at stake at this moment. The majority of us believe in freedom and equality. But these extremists, as they say, they not like us,” Harris replied. 

The Vice President then stated that “there is a full-on attack on our fundamental freedoms, the freedom to vote, the freedom to love who you love, the freedom to be safe from gun violence, the freedom for a woman to make decisions about her own body, not having her government tell her what to do.”

Immediately after appearing in this skit, internet users roasted Kamala Harris by saying that she clearly pulled out all the stops to pander to black voters. 

Polls show that the Biden campaign has lost some of its typically reliable black voting base, which could spell disaster for the ticket this November. 

Joe Biden and his campaign have an uphill battle heading into November 

With November just a few months away, the Joe Biden campaign has a lot of ground to make up. 

The disastrous debate performance, coupled with a string of embarrassing gaffes and a failing economy, have turned millions of voters away from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

Things have gotten so bad that many Democrat voters have demanded that Joe Biden be removed from the ticket.

They’ve floated replacement names like Gavin Newsom and Hillary Clinton. 

Even many Democrats do not believe that Kamala Harris could do an adequate job in replacing Joe Biden. 

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