Kamala Harris just made a shocking claim about schools that left jaws on the floor

When it comes to schools and sinking test scores, the Left is entirely to blame. 

At the command of teachers union bosses and other special interests on the far-left, Democrats shuttered schools for over a year in many parts of America, causing lasting damage to millions of children. 

But Kamala Harris just made a shocking claim about schools that left jaws on the floor. 

Democrats have ruined government school systems across the nation

Across the nation, test scores are down and the cause is not difficult to determine. 

Democrats who in many instances shut down schools for over a year due to COVID, which has next to no chance of killing children, are entirely to blame. 

More specifically, teachers union bosses instigated these school closures for entirely selfish reasons, and the damage to children is severe. 

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are refusing to take even an ounce of the blame, which was evidenced by some crazy comments Kamala Harris made the other day. 

While speaking at an event in Seattle, Kamala Harris inspected a fleet of school buses and then gave a speech about her visit as usual. 

She managed to grab headlines with her cringe-worthy obsession with their yellow color, and then had the nerve to claim, “Today, 95 percent of our school buses are fueled with diesel fuel, which contributes to very serious conditions that are about health and about the ability to learn.” 

Yes, you read that right, according to the radical Left, diesel engines are now to blame for plummeting test scores. 

Parents and concerned citizens must never forget the evil that the radical Left has gotten away with over the last couple of years. 

After closing schools for over a year in many cases, many far-left teachers resumed classes with inhumane mask mandates, and the results have been devastating. 

To make matters worse, many teachers in America are no longer teaching children math and science, and instead are teaching them about their fetishes and gender reassignment or Marxist Critical Race Theory. 

Make no mistake, what the Left is doing to children is pure evil, and must be stopped at all costs. 

Many far-left teachers are not instilling proper values in children but are rather teaching them to hate America and hate each other. 

Parents must reject the far-left’s vision for America’s youth

Despite what the Left tries to tell you, parents must have more involvement in what their children are being taught at school. 

The disgusting garbage that has been filled inside impressionable minds should be criminal. 

Young people should be taught to care for each other and their community along with math, science, economics, English, and so on. 

That should not be controversial, but for Democrats, these crucial lessons cut into their drag queen story hours. 

Unless parents intervene and take control over their children’s future, then the future will not be bright for America. 

China and Russia are on the march in their quest for world domination, and without any doubt, they are not teaching their children pronouns and fetishes. 

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