Kamala Harris lost her mind over this secret plan to dump her from the ticket

Photo by U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Kevin Tanenbaum, Public Domain via Flickr

Democrats know Kamala Harris is one of the biggest political liabilities facing the Party in 2024.

Democrats are not about to sit idly by and let Harris tank their chances.

And Kamala Harris lost her mind over this secret plan to dump her from the ticket.

One of the oddest events of the 2024 campaign was when California Governor Gavin Newsom agreed to debate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Fox News in an event scheduled for November that will be moderated by Sean Hannity.

Initially, it looked like Newsom seized the spotlight to show Democrat bigwigs that he could be the guy to lead the Party into the 2024 election if they wanted to dump Joe Biden.

But Biden is committed to running for re-election.

And now Kamala Harris is the one worried about Gavin Newsom.

“Though Biden’s camp no longer sees Newsom as a wannabe challenger — and some in Biden’s orbit praise him for acting as a top campaign surrogate — Newsom’s plan to debate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on television carries more risk than potential reward, these people say,” NBC News reported. “That has caused consternation within Biden’s operation and among Vice President Kamala Harris’ allies.” 

Kamala Harris is the least popular Vice President in American history.

Harris’ unappealing personal presentation combined with her toxic poll numbers have every top Democrat knowing that her as the nominee in 2024 or 2028 would guarantee defeat.

One reason Democrats are sticking with Biden in 2024 is they know Donald Trump will trounce Harris in a General Election.

But now it’s dawning on Harris and her allies that Newsom is using the DeSantis debate to show donors and Party elites that they should anoint him as the frontrunner in 2028.

“Harris’ allies take particular umbrage at what they see as Newsom’s attempt to position himself for the 2028 Democratic presidential primary at her expense,” NBC News also reported.

“It’s disrespectful,” an advisor to Harris told NBC News. “Joe Biden is running with Kamala Harris. That’s the Democratic ticket.” 

Joe Biden picked Harris because of identity politics, but it quickly became apparent that this was a major mistake.

And now Harris is watching her fellow Democrats tacitly admit this fact by viewing the DeSantis debate as Newsom’s coming out party.

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