Kamala Harris may get replaced by this one surprising woman

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The Vice-Presidential selection may play a bigger role in 2024 than in any Presidential election in history.

Kamala Harris has been a disaster as Vice President.

But now Kamala Harris may get replaced by this one surprising woman.

Joe Biden and the GOP nominee’s choice for Vice President may swing the race for the first time since 1960, when many believe John F. Kennedy picking Texas Senator Lyndon B. Johnson helped secure the south – and the Presidency – for the Democrat ticket.

Joe Biden will be 86 at the end of a potential second term, and many Americans realize a vote for him is a vote to potentially make Kamala Harris President at some point over the ensuing four years.

Since Donald Trump can only serve one term, his Vice Presidential selection is the heir apparent and will be closely scrutinized.

And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thinks he can shake up the GOP race by dropping hints about who he would select as his running mate should he win the nomination.

DeSantis is trying to reboot his campaign by running a one-state strategy that focuses all his resources on Iowa.

This led to speculation that DeSantis would select popular Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as his running mate if he was to be the nominee.

Those rumors only grew louder after Donald Trump expressed frustration with Reynolds over a report in the New York Times where she claimed that she was neutral in the race, yet took every opportunity possible to appear in public with DeSantis and his wife Casey.

“Governor, you have spent a lot of time with Governor Reynolds, you defended her after President Trump’s recent statements,” a reporter asked DeSantis. “Would you consider her as a potential Vice Presidential pick in this campaign?”

DeSantis immediately confirmed that he would likely pick Reynolds as his running mate as she checks every box possible.

“Of course,” DeSantis responded. “I mean, she’s one of the top public servants in America, I thought the attacks on her were totally, totally out of hand and totally unnecessary.”

Reynolds recently signed a law protecting life after six weeks.

Reynolds also signed the most aggressive school choice legislation in the country, which allows the money to follow students in the form of a complete voucher system.

DeSantis also used the question to take a dig at Trump to try and make himself look good to Iowa voters by defending their popular Governor with lavish praise.

“We should be thanking good Republican officeholders,” DeSantis stated. “You know, we kind of joke about the Iowa-Florida [competition], sometimes they do things before us, sometimes we do. But honestly, I want them to do better than us because it’s healthy. When Republicans are doing well, I like that, I don’t get jealous of that, I want to see them do well.”

“And so they’ve done a great job and I think she’s been a model public servant, and anybody who’s a Republican that’s trying to denigrate her, I think is way off base on that,” DeSantis concluded.

The 2024 race still has a long way to go before the running mate selection stage.

But DeSantis wants to drop hints in public about who he would choose as his Vice Presidential nominee, as a way to try and consolidate conservatives around his campaign and make up ground in the polls.

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