Kamala Harris will be furious over who Barack Obama’s chief strategist said should replace Joe Biden

Even though Joe Biden claims he is running for re-election, few in the Party actually believe him.

Naturally, as Vice President, Kamala Harris believes she is next in line behind Biden. 

And Kamala Harris will be furious over who Barack Obama’s chief strategist said should replace Joe Biden.

Inflation is skyrocketing, sending the price of everything from gas to groceries through the roof.

The economy is on the brink of recession.

Americans are facing shortages of critical items such as baby formula.

Record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens are flooding across the border.

No matter which way you look at it, Joe Biden’s Presidency is a massive failure.

Of course, Joe Biden says he is running for re-election to a second term.

But aside from his string of failures, Joe Biden will be 82-years-old in 2024.

An ever-growing number of Americans already believe Joe Biden is not mentally fit to serve as President.

Should Joe Biden seek reelection?

It’s not just the American people who think Biden should step aside after his first term.

More and more Democrats and members of the corporate-controlled media are admitting it as well.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently made waves when she refused to endorse Joe Biden for reelection during an interview with CNN.

And former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod also recently admitted that Biden’s age would be a massive liability for Democrats during the 2024 campaign.

But that’s not all Axelrod had to say about Biden stepping aside after his first term.

Joe Biden’s replacement?

In a statement on Tuesday to The New York Times, Axelrod said California Governor Gavin Newsom may be the Democrat Party’s best choice for replacing Joe Biden if he decides not to run for reelection in 2024.

“If the President were not to run, it’s hard to imagine that Newsom would not be sorely tempted to enter the race,” Axelrod told The Times on Wednesday.

“Newsom is young and politically muscular, which may be just what the market will be seeking post-Biden,” Axelrod added.

Of course, Kamala Harris will be infuriated to hear Axelrod saying that Newsom, who is the Governor of her home state, would be a good replacement for Joe Biden in 2024.

Kamala is unpopular

Axelrod saying Newsom may come as a surprise to some.

But the fact that Kamala Harris was not the name he mentioned isn’t all that surprising.

Polls show Kamala Harris is the least popular Vice President in the last 50 years.

Even worse for Harris, another major poll found only 28 percent of Americans approve of the job Kamala Harris is doing as Vice President.

And just recently, the Democrat National Committee had to postpone a scheduled fundraiser featuring Kamala Harris because they could not sell enough tickets to make it worthwhile.

Joe Biden most likely will step aside after his first term.

The main question is, who will replace Biden?

Right now, no one really knows.

But it most certainly won’t be Kamala Harris.

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