Kamala’s speech about space sounds like a high school essay written the night before

We’ve all been there before. It’s the night before a major essay is due and either you completely forgot until now – or you procrastinated – and either way, you have just one night to churn something out.

Rarely are these fly-by-night essays Pulitzer material, and any good teacher, editor, or writer can tell when something is rushed and stretching to hit the word count.

But Kamala just gave a speech she hopes to soon forget after it reminded the entire audience of an essay they tried to whip together at the last second.

When it comes to the current White House, it appears as if everybody is highly prone to gaffes.

Whether it is Biden’s senile ramblings or Kamala Harris’s uncountable giggling, the people leading our nation are not projecting strength in any sense of the word.

But just the other day, Kamala Harris had one of her biggest gaffes to date.

While speaking to an audience of highly intelligent military personnel at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, Harris spoke as if she was addressing a group of 6-year-olds.

Her exact words were “I think everyone here recognizes how extraordinary space is.”

She went on to say, “Space is exciting. It spurs our imaginations, and it forces us to ask big questions. Space: it affects us all, and it connects us all.”


If that does not make you cringe, then nothing will.

Either Kamala Harris’s speechwriter thinks military personnel are stupid, or she wrote the speech the night before.

More than likely, it’s a combination of both.

But this poorly written speech is only a small example of the complete and total train wreck that is the Biden administration.

What is more concerning is how Kamala Harris behaves at high-stakes meetings with world leaders.

Just recently, Kamala Harris was tapped by Joe Biden to go to Poland to discuss NATO strategy in the midst of turmoil in Eastern Europe.

Instead of projecting even an ounce of strength, Harris was seen laughing hysterically at every single talking point, even when the talking points were deadly serious.

Harris is simply not cut out for the job.

That could not be any more obvious at this point.

Moving forward, let’s hope that this cringe-worthy gaffe can serve as an eye-opener for Harris and her staff so that she stops embarrassing our nation.

Although that seems unlikely given that she is losing staff members by the day.

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