Karine Jean-Pierre found herself tongue-tied when she tried to explain what the Inflation Reduction Act will actually do

Karine Jean-Pierre really is the perfect representative for President Joe Biden. 

She stumbles with her words almost as bad as he does. 

And Karine Jean-Pierre found herself tongue-tied when she tried to explain what the Inflation Reduction Act will actually do.

Americans are struggling due to the worst inflation levels in 40 years. 

The Consumer Price Index shows inflation up to 8.3%. 

Americans have been hit the hardest at the grocery store, where prices have increased 13.5% since last year. 

Inflation is sure to be on the minds of voters this November. 

Democrats named their latest tax-and-spend boondoggle the “Inflation Reduction Act” in order to gain support. 

But the question remains, how exactly does this bill reduce inflation?

That’s the neat part – it doesn’t

A reporter recently asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre “What exactly would the Inflation Reduction Act do to reduce inflation in the short term?”

“Look, experts, economists have said themselves that . . . the Inflation Reduction Act would be beneficial to let three hundred the extra three hundred billion dollars in deficit,” Jean-Pierre responded. “That is really important as we have right now $1.7 billion in deficit reduction under this administration. It would help lower that even more, which is incredibly important.”

The reporter continued to press Jean-Pierre, pointing out that many of the policies won’t even have any effect until 2024 or 2026.

“Is it fair to suggest to people that somehow they’re going to see some inflation reduction right now while they’re hurting the most?” the reporter asked.

“Well, that is actually not true,” Jean-Pierre said before listing several programs granting tax credits or rebates for installing things like home solar panels and energy-saving windows and doors.

These policies won’t actually help anyone

Of course, the reality is that the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will do nothing to help Americans who are struggling to afford the rising cost of living. 

The bill is nothing but massive tax hikes and Green Energy subsidies. 

Many economists predict that the bill will actually increase inflation.

On top of that, it adds an additional 87,000 IRS agents, so now Americans can look forward to getting audited on top of not being able to afford groceries. 

You can bet all those agents won’t just go after billionaires as the Left tries to claim. 

And most Americans can’t afford to shell out $60,000 to buy an electric vehicle and take advantage of that tax credit. 

The tax hikes and increased enforcement in the bill will take even more money from hard working Americans. 

Inflation is being driven by out-of-control money printing and government spending, and you would have to be a fool to believe that spending even more will somehow reduce it. 

The bill won’t reduce inflation and that was never its intention.

Democrats just thought the name sounded good so they can convince the most gullible voters that they are doing something to fight inflation. 

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