Karine Jean-Pierre is gaslighting Americans to hide President Biden’s biggest failure

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

The White House Press Secretary’s job is to make her boss look good.

But painting Joe Biden’s failures in a positive light has been a difficult task for Karine Jean-Pierre.

And Karine Jean-Pierre is gaslighting Americans to hide President Biden’s biggest failure. 

Numbers don’t lie, but Press Secretaries do

A good White House Press Secretary can be incredibly beneficial to helping an administration achieve its goals.

However, a bad Press Secretary can make the administration look incompetent at every turn. 

Enter President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, and her catchphrase, “I don’t have anything.”

Now, Karine Jean-Pierre finally does have something, but it’s complete and utter fabrications passed off as facts.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s lips are moving, that can mean just one thing…

A certain amount of spinning the statistics is expected when your entire job is to make your boss look good. 

However, there is no excuse for outright lying – and that, unfortunately, is a Karine Jean-Pierre habit. 

Her latest work of fiction came earlier this week at a White House press briefing when reporters asked her about the growing crisis on the southern border. 

“The Department of Homeland Security shared their plan back in January, and we’ve seen from the data, we’ve seen ah, the, ah, ah, ah, that the unlawful immigration is down,” Jean-Pierre said. “So, what they’ve put forth in their protocols and processes is working.” 

The exact opposite is true. 

Last December, there were more than 250,000 “encounters” with illegal aliens along the southern border.

That was the highest number in recorded history for illegal aliens entering the country during the cold month of December.

Additionally, it is estimated there were another 65,000 “gotaways” – bringing the number up to about 315,000 illegal aliens entering the country in December of 2022 alone.

To put that into perspective, there are less than 315,000 people living in the city of Orlando. 

The most recent CBP numbers are from March. 

Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show about 270,000 illegal aliens crossed into the United States last month – including roughly 75,000 “gotaways.”

That’s the equivalent of the entire population of Buffalo, New York, crossing into America illegally over the course of 31 days.

The 270,000 number represents a drastic 23% spike from February.

And year-over-year, the story is even worse.

In March of 2022, CBP reported about 220,000 border encounters with illegal aliens – a disturbing number in its own right – but roughly 50,000 fewer than March of 2023.

So again, not “down.” 

What’s worse than a crisis? We’re about to find out!

Thanks to Biden Administration policies, the already crisis-level problem is about to get much worse. 

Title 42 ends on May 11th.

According to El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, there are tens of thousands of migrants waiting in border communities and tent cities for that day to come.

Mayor Leeser is even preparing to declare a state of emergency for his city.

Biden is closing in on nearly seven-million illegal aliens crossing into the United States during his Presidency.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, these illegal aliens are costing American workers more than $150 billion annually.

And that number will only grow as Biden’s border crisis worsens.

Who did a better job managing the U.S. southern border?