Katie Hobbs is absolutely terrified of one thing and it’s totally obvious

The Midterms are right around the corner and Americans are ready to see some serious change.

We can look to certain statewide elections to know where the biggest news will be made in November.

And Arizona’s Democrat candidate for Governor is looking feeble after she’s shown how scared she is of one thing.

Kari Lake continues her campaign to make her opponent Katie Hobbs debate

We’re less than a month from the election and the people of Arizona have still yet to see a debate between candidates for Governor, Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake.

Lake has been pushing to debate Hobbs since she won the Republican candidacy in the state.

Hobbs, who currently holds the office of Secretary of State in Arizona, has taken issue with Lake’s questioning of the legitimacy of the vote in Maricopa County in 2020.

Lake on the other hand tends to believe that Hobbs didn’t do her job properly and has a lot of questions for Hobbs that she would like to see answered.

Hobbs still won’t debate Lake. 

No matter how hard Lake pushes her.

Lake is asked to leave audience during Katie Hobbs’ town hall appearance

Recently, Lake and Hobbs were scheduled to speak at the same town hall but according to “the campaign agreement” they wouldn’t be able to share the stage.

Lake took the opportunity and joined the audience so that she could ask her own questions of her opponent. 

Though she was abruptly asked to leave.

When she was asked to leave the audience she replied, “I would love to be on the same stage actually. Is that possible?”

The moderator insisted he understood and that he would ask Hobbs. 

He then responded, “Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to share the stage with Miss Hobbs,” and that he couldn’t even “invite her to the stage if [Lake] is in the audience.”

Event organizers then indicated that she needed to remain in her green room while waiting for her time on the stage. 

To which Lake rebutted, “I’m happy to be here. I don’t think I should be trapped in my room. I’d love to be part of this.”

Lake said that she wanted to “be talking about the issues that affect everyone,” and that she wanted people in the audience to know that she’s “willing to sit on stage with Miss Hobbs and talk about the important issues.”

After a short back and forth Lake respectfully retired to her “designated area.” 

Hobbs was “rattled” by a “Trump-esque” Kari Lake

The truth is that Hobbs is terrified of facing Lake in a public forum and being confronted over her many failures in her role as Secretary of State – and the disaster that she would bring as Governor.

Joe Garcia is the executive director of voter outreach for the group Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund – and is a supporter of Hobbs.

He said that Hobbs walked away from this event “rattled” and that Lake was acting “brash” and “Trump-esque”

Kari Lake’s campaign followed the event tweeting in triumph, “The people of Arizona deserve a debate. And they certainly don’t deserve @katiehobbs as Governor. Hobbs can go hide in the green room. @KariLake will happily make her case to the people.”

That’s not too much to ask for any candidate to stand up and debate their opponent and voters ought to take notice.

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