Kirk Cameron just told parents exactly how to wake up from the woke nightmare

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The radical Left has been confusing children and parents with woke indoctrination for years.

They’ve commandeered public education and libraries to push the LGBTQ agenda on students.

But Kirk Cameron just told parents exactly how to wake up from the woke nightmare.

Kirk Cameron is “waking parents up” from the “woke matrix” on his story hour tour

Kirk Cameron is an American actor turned evangelist who is best known for his role as young Mike Seaver on the sitcom Growing Pains in the late 80s. He has since written a Christian children’s book, entitled As You Grow, that focuses on growing in “wisdom through the fruit of the spirit.”

As part of a national book tour, Cameron has been visiting churches, schools, and libraries across America and inviting parents to bring their children for story hours. Though his book readings have been met by pushback from the Left, he remains steadfast and optimistic about the ministry.

Parents are “waking up from the woke matrix, and they’re realizing that they need to deactivate this progressive machine that is stealing the hearts and minds of their children,” Cameron said, before adding that what he’s seen has been “encouraging” even though he’s “just getting started.”

He said the book tour is a type of Biblical battleground to take down sin in America.

LGBTQ Pride is “the deadliest” sin and America needs to get back to Judeo-Christian values

Cameron said that the effort to push the LGBTQ agenda on children and families is working to dismantle their faith. He said that “this reorganization of our society” will ultimately lead to existential threats and families need to “get off the defense [and] get on the offense.”

He said that “of the seven deadly sins, this is the deadliest one, and ultimately what that is, is saying, ‘I’m God and I can determine morality, I can determine gender, I can redefine things according to my own image’, and I applaud those who are wanting to bring us back to the values” that made our nation great.

Cameron said our nation must return to “Judeo-Christian moral standard and ethic” if we want to survive and ultimately thrive. “What we need to do is get back to the truth and speak it to [our kids] in love, even if it’s not popular or what they’re seeing on TikTok,” he said.

This is why the evangelist has been on his story hour tour across America.

Protestors gathered as Cameron read the book “Pride Comes Before the Fall”

The Christian personality hasn’t been widely accepted on his tour and he has faced stiff pushback from the individual leftists and public institutions. He’s been making headlines for standing up when public libraries have chosen to host drag queens in place of Christians like him.

Cameron was in Seattle last week for a story hour at a public library when he was met with protests. LGBTQ activists stood outside with signs while he was inside reading a book called “Pride Comes Before the Fall” that he said “teaches kids about the dangers of pride and the value of humility.”

He said that changing genders is the “height of pride” and parents need to push back on this ideology before it’s too late. He is calling on all parents and grandparents to “take back the leadership position of the education of your children” and “shepherd [their] souls.”

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