Krispy Kreme created this special release to mark the solar eclipse

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pexels

Fast food chains are trying to capitalize on the excitement created by the solar eclipse.

It’s become a major marketing event that’s leading to some unique creations. 

And Krispy Kreme created this special release to mark the solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse on April 8 was a rare chance to catch the awe-inspiring celestial event when the moon passes over the sun.

Not every state got a total eclipse, but everyone was expected to have some amount of the sun blocked by the moon.

But some companies used the solar eclipse to release special edition items.

Krispy Kreme partners with Oreo for a solar eclipse doughnut

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts teamed up with Oreo to create a limited-edition doughnut to celebrate the solar eclipse.

The Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut is an original Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut dipped in black chocolate icing, adorned with silver sprinkles, piped with a buttercream made with Oreos, and topped off with a whole Oreo cookie in the center.

These limited-edition doughnuts were only being sold between April 5-8.

Fans could buy them as a single or get a Total Solar Eclipse Specialty Dozen, which includes six of the eclipse doughnuts and six original glazed doughnuts.

“Eclipses are rare and so is our out-of-this-world Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut. Even if you can’t be in the path of totality, you can get in the path of these treats, which you will eat in totality. Stop by and get some for you and some to share so you can flex your science side and great taste at the same time,” Krispy Kreme Global Chief Brand Officer Dave Skena said.

Krispy Kreme celebrates space-related events

During the last solar eclipse in 2017, Krispy Kreme also released a limited-edition doughnut to mark the celestial occasion.

The brand’s original glazed doughnut was dipped in chocolate for the first time.

Krispy Kreme’s celebration of space dates back to 1969 when its original glazed doughnuts were served fresh at the viewing site for NASA’s historic Apollo 11 mission that put the first human on the moon.

More recently, the chain released the Artemis Moon Doughnut to commemorate NASA’s Artemis I flying around the moon.

Other brands joined in on the eclipse craze.

SunChips released a limited-edition Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda flavor chips that could only be bought on the brand’s website for 4 minutes and 27 seconds, the length of the solar eclipse.

The rare solar eclipse became a once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunity for many companies. 

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