Krispy Kreme’s American customers are fuming over this special release

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When it comes to making delicious doughnuts, no company takes the cake quite like Krispy Kreme.

And many of the beloved doughnut maker’s customers consider themselves to be loyal and dedicated fans of the brand.

But Krispy Kreme’s American customers are fuming over this special release.

New “Friends” doughnuts won’t be available in America

Krispy Kreme just released a new doughnut lineup to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular sitcom Friends.

Although the TV show was set in New York, the doughnuts won’t be sold anywhere in the United States.

The new doughnut flavors will only be available in Ireland and the UK.

Krispy Kreme’s decision has drawn the ire of fans of both the TV show and the doughnuts.

And people are airing out their grievances on social media.

Some commenters expressed annoyance, while others were downright irate.

The incident demonstrates just how well some promotional items can garner attention and publicity.

During a recent earnings call, Krispy Kreme noted how limited-edition doughnuts and other promos help the company stay fresh and exciting for consumers.

CEO Josh Charlesworth said during the call that “we’re constantly innovating, constantly bringing excitement to the brand, and we’re fresh, fresh daily.”

He explained that special doughnuts like the Friends lineup help to drive consumers to their stores.

However, fans had a lot to say about the company’s decision to keep the Friends doughnuts limited to stores overseas.

One commenter on Instagram noted that “this is where I am just confused by the decision-making process. Friends was a huge US show (I know it is big internationally as well, but come on), yet this is a UK thing.”

Fans have also commented on Krispy Kreme’s Instagram account under posts that are unrelated to the Friends doughnuts.

“Are we going to get Friends donuts in the US?” one fan asked. “Lots of Friends fans here who would love to spend their money.”

The confusion continues

Many American customers are outright confused as to why Krispy Kreme chose not to release the doughnuts in the United States.

“Why are Friends donuts only in the UK?! We’d love to have them here as well!” another Instagram user commented.

The special sweets include names like “Friends,” a chocolate glazed doughnut accented with an image of the show’s iconic fountain from the opening credits.

Another flavor called “Trifle” features a strawberry and custard filling that references a popular episode from 1999.

The “How You Doin?” doughnut pays tribute to character Monica Geller’s famous front door.

And several other doughnuts were also made that reference various moments from the show.

Krispy Kreme has released some US-exclusive doughnuts, including a recent collaboration with iconic country singer Dolly Parton.

For now, a representative for the company declined to comment on whether the Friends doughnuts would be available in the United States.

They told CNN that they had “nothing additional to share at this time.”

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