Kyle Rittenhouse is about to have his life ruined as a judge makes a shocking ruling against him

The one person in our country that has been through more hell than anyone else is Kyle Rittenhouse as the Left did everything they could to destroy his life.

Thankfully, attempts to crucify Rittenhouse in the court of public opinion were unsuccessful as his criminal charges were acquitted.

Kyle Rittenhouse is about to have his life ruined as a judge makes a shocking ruling against him.

Kyle Rittenhouse bucked the Left’s rules

The Left lives by the motto “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Nearly everything they say you can’t do they’re perfectly fine with when their supporters are the ones perpetrating the forbidden act.

Just look at the Left’s hypocrisy over people rioting, looting, and loss of life.

Cities and streets across the station were tortured by Antifa and Black Lives Matters rioting and looting in 2020.

Americans felt defenseless as they saw the community they love being destroyed right before their eyes.

And some of these riots even led to innocent Americans being killed by the hands of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Well, one American said he couldn’t stand by and watch any longer.

On August 25, 2020, during Black Lives Matter riots Kyle Ritternhouse traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin to help others in the community defend their lives and property from destruction.

But as the night went on, the mob of thugs turned their attention from burning and smashing property to smashing Kyle Rittenhouse.

And that night as he was trying to flee to police with a massive mob chasing him, he tripped and was viciously attacked by the mob.

Things quickly turned for Kyle as he was laying on the ground with fists, kicks, and skateboards heading toward his head.

So Kyle did the one thing no one wants to do but he had to in the situation, he defended himself with his firearm.

And that night, a couple of leftist thugs, including Anthony Huber, were shot and killed at point blank range as they were attacking Kyle.

Ultimately, Kyle was charged with two counts of murder as the Left was out looking for blood as a citizen finally stood up to their mob.

But thankfully the two murder charges were dismissed as the jury saw Kyle as doing nothing more than defending himself from imminent life-threatening attacks.

Now it looks like Kyle isn’t out of the woods yet as the Left tries another legal proceeding to ruin his life.

Rittenhouse faces another legal action.

Anthony Huber’s father filed a wrongful death suit against Kyle Rittenhouse.

The lawsuit claims that Kyle “conspired with law enforcement to cause harm to protestors” and as a result “a dangerous situation that violated his son’s constitutional rights and resulted in his death.”

Kyle tried to get the case dismissed as it should be.

But a judge just ruled against Kyle.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman ruled against Kyle’s motion to dismiss the suit and is allowing the civil suit to go forward.

If Kyle loses this case, he could be liable for millions of dollars.

Hopefully Kyle can win this case again as he did nothing wrong.

Should Kyle Rittenhouse be held liable for Anthony Huber’s death?