Larry Elder is poised to make one jaw-dropping announcement that will alter his career and the future of conservative talk radio

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For years, Larry Elder has been one of the most prominent conservative voices on the air. 

But it looks like Larry Elder could be taking a hiatus from radio for much bigger opportunities. 

And Larry Elder is poised to make one jaw-dropping announcement that will alter his career and the future of conservative talk radio. 

The rise of conservative talk radio and Larry Elder

The conservative movement would not be what it is today if not for talk radio. 

The late Rush Limbaugh is considered one of the founding fathers of conservative talk radio.

Limbaugh and other pioneers in radio cultivated a grassroots movement for conservatism that is now the backbone of the Republican Party. 

If not for conservative radio, the Republican Party would be virtually non-existent today since it was the only platform for grassroots conservatives to have their voices heard.

Radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh pushed issues the common man cared about but the average politician did not want to touch. 

But Rush Limbaugh was not the only founding father of conservative talk radio.

Along with voices like Rush Limbaugh, one of the most influential and impactful conservative radio hosts out there is Larry Elder.

Larry Elder did not get his start in news commentary with talk radio. 

In the late 1980s, Elder made a name for himself by hosting several different shows on Cleveland’s local PBS station. 

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Elder hosted several television news shows and a court reality show.

Elder really didn’t become the conservative radio icon he is today until he started hosting an evening show for Los Angeles in 1994. 

His persona in talk radio has taken off since 1994.

Up until April of last year, Elder was one of the nationwide flagship talk radio show hosts for the Salem Radio Network. 

Rumors have circulated that Elder would return back to radio after he ended his affiliation with the Salem Radio Network last spring. 

But now it looks like Elder may be eyeing something even more impactful for the conservative movement than returning as a radio talk show host. 

Rumor has it that Elder is seriously considering running for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2024. 

President Elder?

Tom Tradup, a close friend of Elder and the Vice President of Salem Radio Network, claims that he will officially make an announcement within one month. 

“If he makes a decision to run, it’s because he truly does want to help this country move forward,” Tradup said. “Americans are tired of having word-processed, overly-lawyered campaign statements that they run through the deflavorizor so that they won’t offend anybody. What you end up with is these candidates running who don’t stand for anything.”

It will be interesting to see if Elder decides to run. 

Even though Elder is a well-known conservative talk show host, voters tend to steer away from supporting losers.

And Elder lost the California gubernatorial race last year.

Will Larry Elder run for President of the United States?