Laura Ingraham gave Ron DeSantis one piece of advice that left him with a difficult decision

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faces a crossroads in his Presidential campaign.

What DeSantis decides could reshape the 2024 election.

And Laura Ingraham gave Ron DeSantis one piece of advice that left him with a difficult decision.

Simply put, the Iowa Caucuses were a disaster for Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis visited all 99 counties in Iowa and picked up the endorsement of popular Governor Kim Reynolds and influential Evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats, whose backing boosted Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Ted Cruz to victory in the last three contested Iowa Caucuses.

Between the campaign and allied Super PACS, $200 million was spent on DeSantis’ behalf.

That’s why DeSantis was still predicting victory in Iowa as recently as late fall.

But Trump routed DeSantis and the rest of the field on Caucus Night.

Trump set a record by winning 51 percent of the vote and crushing DeSantis, who finished a distant second, by 30 points.

DeSantis – whose campaign is out of funds – promised to stay in the race through New Hampshire and South Carolina where he is polling in the single digits and has no campaign presence.

Laura Ingraham is one of the many conservatives who likes and respects DeSantis’ record of battling Dr. Fauci during the pandemic and fighting wokeism in schools and corporate America.

But Ingraham said it was time to read the writing on the wall after Iowa and admitted that there is no path forward for DeSantis.

Ingraham said the 45-year-old DeSantis has a bright future ahead of him that will only be tarnished by getting blown out in two more Primary contests 

“Now, let’s start with DeSantis,” Ingraham began. “He out-performed last night. He beat Nikki Haley’s war chest, so he has a lot to be proud of. As a candidate on the trail, he worked his butt off. And people forget how young he is. So, with what – three more years as Florida’s Governor? He can build an even greater track record of success in that very important state. So, a future in the Republican Party for him could be really bright.”

That’s why Ingraham urged DeSantis to swallow – what will be for him as no one likes to lose – a bitter pill and drop out of the race and endorse Trump so that conservatives can coalesce behind the effort to defeat Joe Biden in the General Election.

“But he’s simply not gonna be president this time around,” Ingraham stated. “I know it’s hard to hear. You worked really hard for it. It’s not happening. Trump is simply too powerful and has endured too much. Voters aren’t gonna turn their backs on him at this point. And every day that Ron DeSantis stays on the campaign trail criticizing Trump is a day that hurts Ron DeSantis’ political future. He doesn’t gain anything from it. That’s for sure. And Trump, he’s not hurt by it at all. So it’s time to step aside and endorse Trump.”

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