Lauren Boebert just sent Congressional Democrats running with her new health care plan

Democrats like to label Republicans as the party of “no.”

They claim the GOP doesn’t offer any ideas or solutions.

But Lauren Boebert just sent Congressional Democrats running with her new health care plan. 

The not so Affordable Care Act

ObamaCare is the signature piece of legislation of the Obama Administration. 

Officially known as the “Affordable Care Act,” ObamaCare actually has made healthcare more expensive for the vast majority of American families. 

And unlike what then-President Obama promised, millions of Americans lost doctors and insurance plans they liked because of the Big Government boondoggle. 

President Donald Trump was able to mitigate some of the worst parts of ObamaCare, like the hefty tax for not having insurance, for example. 

However, thanks to a death-bed betrayal vote by John McCain, the GOP was not able to fully repeal ObamaCare. 

But now, 14 GOP Congressmen are introducing a healthcare proposal that has Democrats running scared. 

One of the few policy areas where Democrats consistently poll more favorably than Republicans is healthcare. 

However, that may not be true much longer.

Introducing the GOP’s Healthcare Freedom Act

The House GOP has introduced its new Healthcare Freedom Act of 2022.

Sponsoring the legislation are: Republican Reps Lauren Boebert and Doug Lamborn of Colorado, Chip Roy, Randy Weber, Roger Williams and Van Taylor of Texas, Bob Good of Virginia, Andy Biggs and Debbie Lesko of Arizona, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Jody Hice of Georgia, Mark Green of Tennessee, and Matt Rosendale of Montana and Ted Budd of North Carolina – who is currently running for the U.S. Senate in the Tar Heel State. 

The plan largely focuses on expanding Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for American families. 

HSAs are tax-free savings accounts patients can use to pay for copays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket medical expenses. 

Some employers offer HSA matches, similar to retirement benefits. 

“[HSAs] allow individuals with a high-deductible health plan to save pre-tax dollars in a personal, portable account for qualified medical expenses. Due to their lower costs and flexibility, HSA arrangements are rapidly gaining market share,” according to a report on the Heritage Foundation website.

If passed, the Healthcare Freedom Act of 2022 would get rid of insurance requirements currently attached to HSAs, allowing any American to obtain an account. 

It also would increase the annual HSA contribution limit from $3,650 to $12,000 for an individual and from $7,300 to $24,000 for a joint account.

The proposal allows for tax free withdrawals for purchases and payments to insurance and associated costs, direct primary care arrangements, healthcare sharing ministry costs, prescription and over the counter medications, and other medical cost-sharing organizations.

It also allows for rollover contributions to be made between HSA accounts without a penalty.

Beneficiaries of the deceased would be able to transfer funds from the HSA of the deceased to another account, tax-free.

And if it passes, “Health Savings Accounts” would be redubbed “Health Freedom Accounts.”

Which party has the better plan for improving healthcare and making it more affordable?