Law-abiding Americans are scratching their heads over this bizarre ACLU claim

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Chaos and depravity have ensued as a result of Joe Biden’s open border policies. 

Thousands of illegal aliens flow across the border every day with no end in sight. 

And law-abiding Americans are scratching their heads over this bizarre ACLU claim. 

The far-Left will do anything to keep the southern border wide open

The most foundational part of any nation is its borders.  Without borders, the entire concept of the nation-state ceases to exist. 

Yet, Joe Biden and his far-Left allies seem to loathe the very concept of borders. 

Each and every day, thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens flood into the United States from the southern border with no end in sight. 

Joe Biden’s open border policies have largely encouraged these illegal aliens to flock into the nation, which has led to a massive influx of drugs into America. 

Not only does Joe Biden encourage illegal immigration with his policies, but there are also many advocacy groups on the Left that encourage people to immigrate to America illegally for a number of reasons. 

Most law enforcement officers would tell you that facilitating an illegal act is a crime, yet the extreme far-Left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) would like you to believe otherwise. 

More specifically, the ACLU and the Federal Defender’s Office for the Eastern District of California filed a legal brief on behalf of a certain Helaman Hansen. 

Hansen was previously convicted for “operating an adoption program that enticed illegal aliens to come to the U.S.” and for visa-holders to overstay their visas.  This was all done in the hope of attaining long-term citizenship for these illegal aliens. 

According to Esha Bhandari of the ACLU, “the Supreme Court should not expand the category of speech that can be criminalized to include speech that merely encourages conduct that is not a crime.”

In summation, the ACLU is claiming that facilitating illegal immigration is protected free speech by the First Amendment and that Hanson’s conviction “unlawfully violates the First Amendment.” 

Unfortunately, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Hanson and the ACLU, which means the case will be elevated to the Supreme Court. 

Hearings are expected to begin on March 27, 2023. 

Americans deserve to live in a nation with strong and safe borders

Border security is not something that ought to be up for debate. 

On a daily basis, thousands of Americans overdose or die from hard drugs like fentanyl, which are predominately coming to America from Mexico. 

Instead of finding new and creative ways to open up the southern border, those on the Left should be interested in making it safer. 

Over the years, extreme far-Left groups like the ACLU have proven one thing – that they hate America and American values. 

Opening the border does not help anybody except for violent drug cartels and Democrat politicians. 

In all likelihood, the Supreme Court will not side with Hanson and the ACLU.

But only time will tell. 

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