Lee Zeldin vowed to declare a state of emergency over this major issue if he wins his election

The Midterms are heating up and a lot of political analysts are telling people it’s possible for a massive red wave. 

This is emboldening candidates with Trump endorsements to come out swinging in traditionally blue areas.

Now New York’s Republican candidate for Governor, Lee Zeldin, vowed to declare a state of emergency over this major issue if he wins his election.

New York is under siege by criminals and Hochul thinks there’s a “polio emergency”

Crime has been plaguing cities run by defund police politicians for the past few years now. 

It’s been a hot topic in debates across the country.

New York City has seen increases in “five of the seven major index-crime categories” with an increase of over 26 percent in the overall crime index according to the city’s website.

That’s why New York’s GOP candidate for Governor Lee Zeldin made it the theme of his recent debate with Kathy Hochul. 

Zeldin said that Hochul was out-of-touch with what people were concerned about and that she “thinks that right now there’s a polio emergency going on but there’s not a crime emergency.”

He said that people need to know why “they’re not being represented from this Governor, who still, to this moment . . . hasn’t talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes.”

Zeldin promises huge moves on crime and will “declare a crime emergency”

Then Zeldin promised the people of New York “my first action, my first day will be to notify Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that he is going to be fired.”

He said he knows people are frustrated by inaction at the state level and believes “there is a crime emergency in New York” despite Hochul’s claims to the contrary.

Then he reminded everyone that he has “publicly pledged that if the state legislature isn’t coming to the table,” then he will “declare a crime emergency and suspend New York’s cashless bail law.”

Hochul then kicked back that she didn’t know why “that’s so important” to Zeldin and started to discuss how New York has been enforcing gun control laws. 

The unelected incumbent Governor spent the night attempting to turn the conversation away from crime. 

She deflected by pointing to abortion, his concerns for election integrity, and his defense of American energy. 

She even tried attacking Zeldin’s ties to Trump, who endorsed Zeldin earlier in the month – which certainly didn’t hurt the GOP candidate who enjoys enormous support in rural NY.

Donald Trump calls Zeldin a “brilliant lawyer”

Donald Trump gave Zeldin a beaming endorsement saying that he has “watched and known Congressman Lee Zeldin for many years” he called him a “brilliant lawyer who was a ‘must see’ for others in Congress when they had a complex legal problem that was holding up legislation.”

He also says that Zeldin is “strong on the Border, Crime, our great Military & Vets (like few others!), and fought to protect our 2nd Amendment, and succeeded.”

According to Trump, “Zeldin is a WINNER who GOT THINGS DONE. He will be a GREAT Governor of New York, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement.”

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