Leftists are continuing their Orwellian redefinitions and this one could disfigure little children

The radical Left loves nothing more than creating their own facts out of thin air.

And with the corporate-controlled media following their marching orders at all times, they’ve found great success with changing the definitions of words to fit their narrative.

Now leftists are continuing their Orwellian redefinitions and this one could disfigure little children.

Genital mutilation by another name

Democrats have made their radical “gender” experiments on children a central pillar of their agenda.

They’ve even gone so far as to endorse the idea that teachers and other school staff should help an underage student receive so-called “gender-affirming care” behind parents and guardians’ backs.

Of course, “gender-affirming care” is widely known and assumed to mean surgical sex changes, hormone treatments, and other means to alter a person’s biological makeup to more closely align with the gender they supposedly think they are.

And one of the biggest proponents of “gender-affirming care” has been the woke American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

In 2018, the AAP endorsed “gender-affirming care” in a paper in which they promoted “the integration of medical and mental health services for transgender youths,” according to The Daily Caller.

The organization even went so far as to demonize any efforts to dissuade an underage child from undergoing life-altering, irreversible procedures and treatments as “conversion therapy.”

Orwell is spinning in his grave

But all of a sudden, the American Academy of Pediatrics is claiming that when they said “gender-affirming care” they didn’t actually mean “child sex change.”

In a letter published by the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, the AAP claimed their version of “gender-affirming care” has nothing to do with surgeries or any other medical treatments, and even claimed they actively discourage it, despite everything they’ve said – and fought for politically – since 2018.

“Gender-affirming care can be lifesaving,” AAP president Moira Szilagy wrote in the letter. “It doesn’t push medical treatments or surgery; for the vast majority of children, it recommends the opposite.”

“This care is nonjudgmental, includes families and allows questions and concerns to be raised in a supportive environment,” she continued. “This is what it means to ‘affirm’ a child or teen; it means destigmatizing gender variance and promoting a child’s self-worth.”

Well, that’s a nice spin to put on experimenting with children’s gender and biological makeup without anywhere near the level of research or study that would be required of any other medical procedure or treatment to fully understand how such actions affect a person long-term.

Of course, in claiming that the AAP doesn’t “push medical treatments of surgery” and actually “recommends against it,” Szilagy refused to say specifically what procedures they do and do not endorse for children.

But that’s obviously all part of the new strategy left-wing radicals, like those at the AAP, are employing to try and get access to children without the American people knowing.

Make no mistake, the idea that the AAP would claim that they have actually never endorsed surgical procedures or biomedical treatments designed to change a child’s biological makeup to another gender is simply another left-wing scheme designed to change the definitions of words and terms to fit their demented narrative.

The radical Left who push these experiments on children want Americans to think that when they hear “gender-affirming care” it doesn’t actually mean “child sex change,” but rather a slight change in pronouns, that’s all.

But as The Wall Street Journal pointed out, the AAP specifically has pushed flawed studies in Pediatrics, a “medical journal” controlled by the AAP, that claim a transgender child’s mental health is improved by surgical and medical intervention over less politically correct, but inarguably more scientific research.

“The AAP has stifled debate on how best to treat youth in distress over their bodies, shut down efforts by critics to present better scientific approaches at conferences, used technicalities to suppress resolutions to bring it into line with better-informed European countries, and put its thumb on the scale at Pediatrics in favor of a shoddy but politically correct research agenda,” The Wall Street Journal piece read.

Just replace “the AAP” in that sentence with “Democrats” and it’s easy to see that the AAP is just another vessel helping push the radical Left’s sinister agenda on American children.

And now, they’re actively attempting to help the Orwellian Left change the definitions of words and terms they created in order to continue pushing their despicable agenda on even more children.

Societies are judged by how they treat the most vulnerable among them, and none are more vulnerable than impressionable children.

In the end, this is about right and wrong – nothing more, nothing less.

And experimenting on children is just plain wrong.

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