Leftists are freaking out over Elon Musk’s latest edict about “the science”

The Big Tech monopoly seems to have been busted by Elon Musk.

And his release of the Twitter Files has revealed the company’s collusion with the Deep State.

Now leftists are freaking out over Elon Musk’s latest edict about “the science.”

Millions of Americans applauded when Elon Musk bought Twitter.

And they’ve only applauded louder since he started releasing the Twitter Files.

Attorney and candidate for Republican National Committee chair Harmeet Dhillon said she thinks Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter “helps people all over the world” and is a huge win for “freedom and for truth.”

Twitter is a crime scene

And Elon Musk himself has said that Twitter is a crime scene.

He is referring to the treasure trove of documents, emails, and tweets that show just how in bed Twitter was with the FBI and other federal agencies leading up to the 2020 elections.

In fact, it is now evident that it was this illegal collusion that is almost certainly the reason Joe Biden eked out an upset victory.

It also refers to the massive effort by government officials and the social media giant to censor any COVID information that went against the government’s narrative – even if true and factual.

Twitter ran a wide effort to censor, shadowban, and terminate doctors, scientists, and public policy accounts that posted anything differing from Fauci’s policies.

As Musk recently said, Twitter workers previously had an internal “Fauci Fan Club.”

But now Musk is vowing those days are over.

Science is anything that Little Lord Fauci says it is

For the past few years the Left has screamed over and over that we must “follow the science” in all things.

Well, except in biology of course. 

Or in the matter of abortion. 

Or regarding “climate change.” 

In those things science doesn’t count.

But when it came to COVID, Twitter and other Big Tech monopolies followed Fauci’s fallacious framing of science.

They were in fact not following science at all, just what Fauci decided it was.

And there was no room for disagreement or discussion.

Almost anyone who challenged Fauci was shut down by Twitter’s Fauci Fan Club.

Scientist Gad Saad joked about the dogmatic way scientific experts were treated during the COVID pandemic. 

“The science is anything that His Eminence Lord Fauci says it is,” Saad tweeted. “His Excellency is science.”

Questioning science is science

Musk responded to Saad by observing, “Anyone who says that questioning them is questioning science itself cannot be regarded as a scientist.”

This got the Twittersphere going.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted out, “Bad news for transgender extremism, covid totalitarians, and climate alarmists.”

And well-known journalist David Martosko called on his followers to realize what Musk’s announcement truly means. 

Martosko tweeted, “Isn’t it remarkable that this is a departure from what we’ve seen for many years? I hope it also means it will be acceptable to examine who’s funding science and what kind of restrictions that places is on scientists.”

And Eric Weinstein, noted mathematical physicist, economist, and managing director of Thiel Capital, was hopeful the change could mean a major shift across a wide variety of subjects.

“This. Changes. Everything. If true,” he tweeted. “Is that a 1000% commitment to biologists that they can stop *lying* about biological sex, healthy reproductive development, ‘herd immunity’, genetic differences between geographically separated populations, horse paste, Wuhan Inst. GoF, etc.?”

NASA’s Joshua Stevens tweeted, “This is fair and reasonable. And if any scientist tells you otherwise, never let them wax poetic about curiosity and wonder ever again.”

Exactly! Just as the science changes, so do the questions. 

For too long Americans have been punished for questioning some very faulty so-called “science.”

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