Liberal journalists seem to be following a script in this effort to discredit one of their own

The corporate-controlled media has proved overwhelmingly in the past few years that they never look out for the American public.

Elon Musk released a trove of evidence on Twitter last week and the entire media establishment has remained largely silent.

Now liberal journalists look like they are following a script in these attacks on a fellow journalist.

Elon Musk released his “Twitter files” to journalist Matt Taibbi and instructed him to first publish his findings on Twitter.

Media establishment attacks journalist for revelations around “Twitter files” 

Nearly a week has passed since the revelations and still barely any media outlets have reported on the evidence presented in the posts.

In fact the complete opposite has been occurring with many media outlets attacking Taibbi and trying to discredit his reporting. It even looks like these efforts are coordinated with many describing Taibbi’s work as “PR for the richest man in the world . . . ”

NBC News reporter Ben Collins wrote on Twitter, “Imagine throwing it all away to do PR work for the richest person in the world. Humiliating s***.”

NBC affiliates posted very similar messaging in their attacks on Twitter

Mehdi Hasan also described it as “PR work” adding that it was “in service of nakedly and cynically right-wing narratives, and then pretending you’re speaking truth to power.” 

It should be noted that he is another reporter under the peacock umbrella at MSNBC.

National investigative reporter for NBC Tyler Kingkade says Taibbi has lost the plot since the days he “became prominent by writing columns in Rolling Stone about Wall Street greed” and added he was now “he’s doing an errand for the world’s richest man.”

The truth is Taibbi is still taking on the elite power structure and he’s doing a fine job.

The criticisms weren’t reserved to just NBC journalists though many were involved.

Others across the media landscape adopted the same messaging

A reporter at Bloomberg, Jason Schreier, said that this was a lesson, “taught in journalism school as evidence of the importance of editors” and said Taibbi might have asked “them things like ‘Hey should I be doing PR work for the richest man on the planet’ and they’ll say ‘Nah.’”

There were at least 27 tweets put out by prominent reporters that used this “PR for the richest man in the world” line or some form of it, according to Mediaite. 

So why is this?

Musk calls this phenomenon “Bots in human form”

It could be simply that they live in an echo chamber and they simply liked the line that they saw in another person’s tweet. 

Elon Musk once referred to this phenomenon as “Bots in human form.”

If that were to be the case, then one must assume he means these people are given a script that they are supposed to follow. 

We know from the “Twitter files” that powerful elites are using social media to manipulate public opinion. 

This could very likely be another tool of the federal overreach into social media that Americans are seeing.

Whatever it is, it is deeply troubling. 

If Musk has his way, then we’re sure to find out even more troubling information regarding how Twitter was and is being used against the public.

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