Liz Cheney was furious when the January 6 Committee’s star witness just blew up the entire witch hunt

With their January 6 witch hunt spinning its wheels, Democrats and RINOs looking to throw Donald Trump in jail needed a Hail Mary.

And they appeared to get one in the form of a supposed “star witness” they’d hyped as the final nail in the Trump coffin.

But Liz Cheney was furious when the January 6 Committee’s star witness just blew up the entire witch hunt.

“A hero and a real patriot . . .”

Despite having numerous nationally televised hearings, including hearings aired in primetime on virtually every broadcast TV network and cable news outlet in America, and the help of a former ABC News President hired to “produce” the hearings into made-for-TV spectacles, the January 6 Committee has nothing to show for their efforts.

Every narrative and claim they’ve made has lacked evidence, been hearsay, or simply hasn’t caught the attention of the American people in any sort of meaningful way.

Which is exactly why the January 6 Committee held a surprise, unscheduled hearing last week in order to get the testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who they had hoped would deliver the goods they needed to take down former President Donald Trump.

Hutchinson claimed that she had been told – which, for the record, is textbook hearsay – then-President Donald Trump had assaulted and attempted to take the steering wheel inside the Presidential limo from Secret Service agents who refused to take him to the Capital during the January 6 ordeal.

And as expected, the radical Left, anti-Trump RINOs, and the corporate-controlled media all fell head over heels in love with Cassidy Hutchinson the moment she made her claims.

CBS Evening News Congressional Correspondent Scott MacFarlane gushed over Hutchinson’s testimony, saying, “When the day began, Cassidy Hutchinson was a name and face unknown to most Americans. By the end of the day, she’d made history.”

Never-Trump RINO Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) – whose final term in Congress cannot end soon enough – even went so far as to call Hutchinson a “hero.”

And Chief Trump hater Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) went way out of his way to praise Hutchinson by ensuring everyone knows she is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and that she has no incentive whatsoever to lie – outside the obvious fame and career that would come from being the woman who took down Donald Trump, of course.

“Look, I believe Cassidy Hutchinson,” Schiff claimed. “I think she’s a very – very smart, very capable, very honest individual. She has no incentive to make up something that isn’t true. And so, I think she’s a very, very credible witness.”

And Adam Schiff should probably pray she’s credible, because after her testimony, there’s more than a few people who’d like to challenge her credibility.

That just happens to include the Secret Service agents in question.

But the made-for-TV tale is falling apart . . .

Democrats genuinely thought that Cassidy Hutchinson was the answer to their prayers.

But since her testimony, and the left-wing victory parade that followed, her story is completely falling apart.

Almost as soon as Hutchinson concluded her testimony, a Secret Service spokesman confirmed that the two agents who were with President Trump on January 6 are prepared to testify before the committee.

And according to NBC News’ Peter Alexander, the agents will both dispute Hustchinson’s claims that President Trump ever assaulted a Secret Service agent or tried to commandeer the Presidential limo.

On top of that, National Review editor Andrew McCarthy – who isn’t a Trump fan by any stretch of the imagination – also pointed out that the Committee had spoken to Secret Service agent Bobby Engel, one of the agents with President Trump that day, prior to speaking to Hutchinson.

But as McCarthy pointed out, if it ever comes out that Engel ever contradicted Hutchinson’s claims to the Committee, and the Committee actively chose to not confront Hutchinson with Engel’s opposing version of events, it’s all over for this witch hunt.

“If it turns out that Engel disputed Hutchinson’s story, and that [January 6 Committee Vice Chair Rep. Liz] Cheney knew that but adduced that Hutchinson’s story anyway, without confronting Hutchinson with Engel’s contrary version of events, the committee might as well pack up its bags and go home,” McCarthy wrote. “Going forward, the committee must come clean with all the evidence it has collected on this matter.”

Imagine that, a left-wing witch hunt may be trying to bury and ignore evidence that hurts the narrative they’re trying to force on the American people.

Who could have ever seen that coming?

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