Major problems continue for EVs and even Elon Musk’s Tesla is not immune

The mad race to force Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the American people has hit a major speed bump.

Many consumers and manufacturers are starting to wonder if there is a better way.

That’s because major problems continue for EVs and even Elon Musk’s Tesla is not immune.

The extreme climate change activists are continuing to push all Americans to switch to EVs – consequences be damned.

Multiple problems with EVs

Some states, like California, have even decided to ban all gas-powered vehicles in the near future.

This race to switch over to battery-powered vehicles is ignoring the many issues with EVs.

There are problems with how far they can travel before needing to be charged.

And many point to the fact that batteries are made from materials being mined in third world nations by slave labor.

There is even the issue of what to do with all the batteries when they are replaced.

But the biggest problem is the recent stories of EV batteries simply blowing up or catching fire.

This issue has been growing as of late and many are wondering if there is a major flaw in the design of EV batteries.

Spontaneously burst into flames

And the latest report of a battery spontaneously combusting involves the elite EV manufacturer Tesla.

Sacramento, California fire officials said that it took 6,000 gallons to put out a recent fire caused by Tesla car batteries that had “spontaneously” burst into flames.

The Twitter account for the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District issued a number of tweets documenting the incident near Rancho Cordova in California.

“Crews arrived to a Tesla Model S engulfed in flames, nothing unusual prior. 2 Fire Engines, a water tender, and a ladder truck were requested to assist,” the department tweeted with four photographs.

“Crews used jacks to access the underside to extinguish and cool the battery. Thousands of gallons were used in extinguishment,” they added.

The fire department went on to say the Tesla’s battery cells continued to combust even as firefighters were attempting to put out the fire.

EV and lithium power still new technology, and much more challenging to extinguish

“Thankfully no injuries were reported,” the department continued. 

When they were asked whether they always report information about all car fires or only for Teslas, the department responded.

“Great question! We report anything that would be of interest to the public. EV and lithium power is still fairly new technology, and proving much more challenging to extinguish,” they tweeted.

“For reference- 6,000 gallons of water is far more than we generally use on a house fire,” they added.

Despite these growing problems with even the most elite of EVs, California is moving forward with their ban on gas-powered vehicles.

Last August, California regulators issued orders commanding that all motor vehicles bought or sold after 2035 be required to run on electricity.

Unfortunately, this thinking is spreading to bureaucrats and lawmakers across the nation, and most of the major car manufacturers have been bending over backwards to join the mad rush to create EVs.

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