Marjorie Taylor Greene dropped a truth bomb about God and George Floyd had Democrats ready to burn down the Capitol 

House Creative Services, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It only took four years for someone in Washington, D.C. to finally speak the truth about George Floyd. 

But thanks to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Democrats now know exactly what the average American thinks about the convicted felon. 

And Marjorie Taylor Greene dropped a truth bomb about God and George Floyd that had Democrats ready to burn down the Capitol. 

The media made George Floyd a martyr

The divide between the media’s talking points and the views of the average American is astonishing.

Just look at the issues Americans care about today.

Illegal immigration is hitting unprecedented levels. 

Inflation keeps skyrocketing to the point where the average household can barely get by on their shrinking paychecks.

And people are seriously concerned about the mental capabilities of Joe Biden, who has the authority to launch nuclear weapons at his discretion. 

But no issue has been misrepresented more by the mainstream media than the death of George Floyd. 

And the average American can look right through their lies. 

The media portrayed George Floyd as a modern day Saint who was martyred by the evils of American society.

But the truth is that he was a felon who had a rap sheet as long as a CVS receipt. 

Name the crime, and George Floyd committed it. 

But the media and the Democrats collaborated together to make sure that George Floyd was seen as a martyr and did everything they could to rile up the violent tendencies of Americans. 

As a result, countless cities across the United States burned in terror. 

Even though the George Floyd riots took place four years ago, politicians are still terrified to speak the truth about the Black Lives Matter martyr. 

Republican Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene of Georgia just revealed the truth during an interview in the halls of Congress. 

Greene didn’t hold back on Floyd

Last week, the House brought in Doctor Fauci for hearings on COVID and its origins. 

As you would imagine, Fauci left the hearing unscathed as Congress does everything they can to protect the Swamp. 

But one line out of the hearing just didn’t sit right with Congresswoman Greene. 

Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland claimed that some people worship Trump as a felon. 

“Actually, you probably wish they were treating you like a convicted felon,” he said to Fauci. “They treat convicted felons with love and admiration. Some of them blindly worship convicted felons.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene lost it outside of the hearing and rebuked Raskin’s claim. 

She stated how she worships God and then let it all fly about George Floyd. 

“Well yeah, so is George Floyd [also a felon] and everybody — and you all too — the media — worship George Floyd,” she said. “Democrats worship George Floyd. There were riots burning down the f****** country over George Floyd.”

When social media went into a frenzy over the video, Congresswoman Greene shared her comments on X and tweeted out that “I’m tired of Democrat antics claiming Republicans worship Donald Trump. I worship God! Democrats are still worshiping Convicted Felon George Floyd.”

Thankfully, someone is finally willing to speak the truth about George Floyd. 

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