Marjorie Taylor Greene exposed these RINO traitors for holding up Joe Biden’s impeachment

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Republicans uncovered a mountain of damning evidence as part of their investigation into the allegations of corruption against Joe Biden.

But so far there is no movement on the impeachment front.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene exposed these RINO traitors for holding up Joe Biden’s impeachment.

In an interview with Real America’s Voice’s David Brody, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed that it was a small group of RINOs hailing from Blue districts who are holding up the effort to impeach Joe Biden.

Greene could not understand what more evidence these Republicans could possibly need to see before voting to authorize an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

“I can’t comprehend that we need any more evidence. We have so much. Let’s talk about what an impeachment inquiry is — an impeachment inquiry is just asking the question. We’re just asking members of Congress, ‘do you think we should inquire about impeachment?’ It’s not saying we want to impeach, right?” Greene declared.

IRS whistleblowers have already testified in great detail about how the Department of Justice interfered in the Hunter Biden investigation at every turn.

Republicans possess bank records showing foreign oligarchs funneled $20 million to Biden family members and business associates while Joe Biden served as Vice President.

And Republicans now know that then-Vice President Joe Biden used an alias on 5,400 emails to send government information about Ukraine to his son Hunter at the same time he served on the board of Burisma.

Greene explained that an impeachment inquiry would strengthen Republicans’ hands in court battles with the Biden administration to get copies of documents that would tie a bow on any articles of impeachment against Biden.

The Georgia Congresswoman told Brody it was essential the GOP open an impeachment inquiry, as her constituents are wondering why the Republican majority is refusing to hold Joe Biden accountable.

“I’ve been at home hanging out with all the great, wonderful, normal people that actually have a brain and have common sense and are asking me every day, ‘Marjorie, when is Congress going to move on with this impeachment inquiry?’ And I can’t comprehend why we haven’t done it yet,” Greene added.

But Greene did reveal that the momentum behind impeachment continued to grow on the latest GOP conference call.

“The reason why I’m confident is we had a House GOP call yesterday and that was his big push on the call. So I think if we were to have the vote today right now, Kevin McCarthy would be one of the first ones to vote yes,” Greene stated.

But the problem, Greene continued, is a small handful of members from Blue districts who continually vote with Democrats on spending bills and remain squeamish about pulling the trigger on an impeachment inquiry.

“So it’s not our Speaker. It’s still some of these few remaining Republicans that may have won a Biden district or they for whatever reason, I don’t know. But I think that our conference is coming together and we should be voting on this in September. If we don’t, I think you’re going to see the Marjorie Taylor Greene you’ve always known. ‘Cause I will not be able to take it,” Greene concluded.

Republicans can sidestep these RINOs.

There is no Constitutional requirement to hold a vote on opening an impeachment inquiry.

The Speaker of the House could just announce that Congress is starting one.

Will House Speaker Kevin McCarthy move to open an impeachment inquiry?