Marjorie Taylor Greene had one nasty surprise for Joe Biden that Democrats are going to hate

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The momentum behind the case to impeach Joe Biden is growing by the day.

Joe Biden’s bribery scandal and the weaponization of the government against Donald Trump are the two most fertile grounds for an impeachment inquiry.

And now Marjorie Taylor Greene had one nasty surprise for Joe Biden that Democrats are going to hate.

It’s not just Joe Biden who has to worry about impeachment.

Attorney General Merrick Garland just got put on notice, too.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been aggressively pushing impeachment for quite some time.

Greene noted on social media that she filed Articles of Impeachment against Biden on his first day in office and that her work on the House Oversight Committee only uncovered more evidence of corruption as well as high crimes and misdemeanors.

“I filed Articles of Impeachment on Joe Biden’s first full day in office,” Greene posted on social media. “We already knew many of the crimes he committed then, but now we know so much more in just 6 months of a Republican-led House thanks to the important investigative work being done on @GOPOversight.”

The House Oversight Committee helped uncover the FBI’s form FD-1023, which contained the allegations from a confidential human source about how the founder of Burisma told him that he paid then-Vice President Joe Biden a $5 million bribe so he could use the power of his office to pull strings for the company.

But Greene warned that Biden is not the only one on notice about impeachment.

Greene declared that Attorney General Merrick Garland should face Articles of Impeachment due to his “refusal to prosecute Joe and Hunter Biden while persecuting President Trump and many conservatives is grounds for impeachment.”

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to allow these criminals to maintain power,” Greene added.

The case against Garland grew even stronger after Trump-appointed Judge Maryellen Noreika blew up the corrupt plea deal that the Justice Department struck with Hunter Biden.

As a way to continue to cover up Joe Biden’s potential crimes and impeachable offenses, Garland allowed a deal to go through that contained an unwritten agreement where Hunter Biden would receive permanent immunity from future prosecution.

And if Joe Biden faces accountability in the form of an impeachment inquiry, then Merrick Garland may find himself next in line as Greene – and a growing number of Republicans – believe his conduct is directly linked to the cover-up of the Biden scandal.

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