Marjorie Taylor Greene just revealed how Nikki Haley really feels about Donald Trump’s America First policies

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Donald Trump is no longer the only major Republican candidate to officially enter the 2024 GOP Presidential primary battle.

Former United Nations Ambassador and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced her candidacy on Wednesday. 

And Marjorie Taylor Greene just revealed how Nikki Haley really feels about Donald Trump’s America First policies.

2024 GOP Presidential Primary battle

Former President Donald Trump announced his 2024 campaign one week after the November Midterm elections.

Steve Laffey, the Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, has also declared his candidacy. 

However, Laffey is not considered a serious contender. 

Former Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton and Michigan businessman Perry Johnson – who missed out on running for Governor of the Wolverine State when a judge threw out his ballot petitions – are also running for President but are not serious contenders. 

Even though Nikki Haley has no chance of winning, she is the first well-known candidate to enter the race and challenge Donald Trump for the GOP nomination.

Marjorie Taylor Greene vs. Nikki Haley

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is making sure GOP voters know the truth about Nikki Haley’s political views.  

Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed out that Haley represents the exact type of establishment Republican GOP voters have been moving away from in recent election cycles. 

“Nikki Haley is just another George or Jeb Bush,” Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote on Twitter. “She is weak on the border, doesn’t want a wall, claimed ‘Legal Immigrants are more patriotic than most Americans these days,’ and she defended Obama when Pres. Trump criticized his terrible open-borders policy.” 

Greene even compared Haley to Never-Trump former Congresswoman Liz Cheney. 

“If we wanted a ‘Bush in heels,’ Republicans would vote for Liz Cheney,” Greene wrote.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is known to be a staunch defender of Trump and has already endorsed his 2024 candidacy. 

Trump wishes Haley luck

Donald Trump threw a few flip-flop jabs at Haley, but ultimately welcomed her to the race and even wished her luck. 

“Nikki Haley had a hard time making the decision to run for President because she very publicly stated that she ‘would never run against the President. He did a GREAT JOB, and was the best President in my lifetime.’ I told Nikki to follow her heart, not her ambition or belief,” Trump posted on his Truth Social platform. “Who knows, stranger things have happened. She’s polling at 1%, not a bad start!!!”

Former national security adviser John Bolton theorized that Haley’s Presidential bid was an attempt to lock down the Vice Presidency.

Meanwhile, political insiders around Washington, D.C. are speculating that Marjorie Taylor Greene could be Trump’s potential running mate. 

Who would you rather see as Donald Trump’s running mate?