Marjorie Taylor Greene uncovered this damning Joe Biden betrayal of America

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It’s getting to the point where Americans need a scorecard to keep up with all of Joe Biden’s scandals.

The grift is reaching disturbing levels.

And now Marjorie Taylor Greene uncovered this damning Joe Biden betrayal of America.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was at the forefront of conservatives in Congress calling for an audit of the $130 billion in taxpayer money that Joe Biden funneled to the corrupt government in Ukraine.

Biden – with the help of Swamp RINOs like Mitch McConnell – provided a blank check for Ukraine to fund its disastrous war against Russia.

Ukraine is losing on the battlefield, as their much-hyped counteroffensive failed to generate gains and Americans increasingly began to wonder where all the money was going.

It turns out that Greene and the other critics were right.

Biden has no idea what’s happening to these weapons once they reach Ukraine.

The administration shipped Ukraine $1.7 billion worth of shoulder fired missiles, kamikaze drones, and night vision goggles.

Nearly all of it – $1 billion worth – is unaccounted for.

“The untracked weapons are subject to what the Pentagon calls enhanced end-use monitoring, or EEUM, requirements. Equipment that falls under the EEUM category requires heightened accountability and security due to its sensitive technology and smaller size, which makes it more appealing to arms traffickers,” Stars and Stripes reported. “The report issued Thursday said the United States had given Ukraine about $1.7 billion in EEUM-designated weapons by mid-2023.”

Greene and the other conservative critics of Biden’s reckless policy slammed the discovery as further proof that Congress should turn off the spigot of taxpayer money to Ukraine.

“We have sent Ukraine BILLIONS in liquid cash and billions more in weapons and ammunition. The kicker? We have no idea where it all went!” Greene posted on X.

“I have argued for over a year that Ukraine’s government is corrupt and can’t be trusted to properly track our weapons. The Biden administration has told us Ukraine is careful with every cent we’ve given them. Who was right? Maybe it’s time to stop funding this war,” Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance wrote.

Conservatives in Congress continue to draw a hardline on a $106 billion slush fund supported by Biden and McConnell that contains another $61 billion for Ukraine.

This new report is only likely to cement the opposition.

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