Mark Wahlberg just opened up about his new movie with Halle Berry that is every guy’s fantasy

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Being a Hollywood actor definitely has its perks. 

Mark Wahlberg has been one lucky dude with acting roles that people dream about. 

And Mark Wahlberg just opened up about his new movie with Halle Berry that is every guy’s fantasy. 

Dreams of Hollywood

When you were a little kid, you probably had some crazy fantasies about what job you may have one day. 

For some, they wanted to be an astronaut. 

Nothing got the mind wondering like dreaming about a job where you would be floating around in space and landing on the moon. 

Others may have wanted to become a police officer, as chasing down bad guys for the common good seemed like a fun job back in the day. 

But then reality hit. 

You can count all the astronauts on one hand that actually go floating around in space, and odds are you never had the grades or athletic ability to be an astronaut. 

Being a cop is an admirable profession, but who in their right mind wants to be a police officer these days with the filth you have to deal with on a daily basis?

By the time you are in your teens, those childhood fantasies about a career are long gone. 

But once you hit adolescence, you are probably starting to think about what it would take to be an actor. 

You start to realize that actors have it all. 

They get paid a lot to do absolutely nothing and everyone loves them for absolutely no reason. 

And no matter how ugly you are, you get put in scenes with some rather attractive women. 

Just look at Mark Wahlberg. 

Wahlberg is living a fantasy 

The man isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and he isn’t better looking than the average guy you can find in your hometown.

He really doesn’t do much to be famous, but still makes bank and gets put into scenes with some of Hollywood’s biggest heart-throbs. 

And the famous Boston actor just opened up about his latest movie that will make you even more jealous of him. 

Mark Wahlberg has a new movie coming out on Netflix next month. 

He is teaming up with Hollywood A-lister Halle Berry for a new summer movie called The Union.

In his own words, Mark described the movie for Fox News.

“Childhood sweethearts, and they come back together. He basically waited 25 years for her to come back, walk back through that door and into his life, and it happens, and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to prove himself to her if he got a second chance. For me, that was the whole motivation of the character: just do anything he could to not screw it up again,” he wrote.

When asked about getting into some hot and heavy scenes with Halle, Mark said that they, “have known each other for such a long time, and this movie is going to be so great because it’s every guy’s fantasy, to think that they got a shot with Halle Berry.”

Even though Mark Wahlberg may be average at a lot of things, he is making sure that you know  his life isn’t average by living the dream many wish they had for themselves. 

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