Matt Gaetz just revealed four simple steps Republicans can use to stop Jack Smith

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Special counsel Jack Smith escalated Joe Biden’s witch hunt against Donald Trump to frightening levels with a criminal indictment that strikes at the heart of the Constitution.

Republicans are looking for a plan to fight back.

And Matt Gaetz just revealed four simple steps Republicans can use to stop Jack Smith.

Like most Republicans, Matt Gaetz was outraged over the politically motivated indictment Jack Smith filed against Donald Trump in Washington, D.C.

Since Smith’s charges had no basis in law, he and his team of Democrat prosecutors had to twist existing statutes in order to invent criminal behavior on Trump’s part.

The indictment criminalized Trump’s protected right to free speech and his ability to engage in political activism.

This indictment essentially means it is a crime to disagree with Democrats if an aggressive prosecutor thinks you are wrong.

Smith indicting Trump on the basis of what was essentially the Democrats’ second impeachment of Donald Trump following January 6 led some on the Right to blast the Department of Justice for serving as the campaign headquarters for Joe Biden’s re-election bid.

In an appearance on Newsmax, Gaetz explained that Republicans did not have to take this in-your-face demonstration of a two-tiered system of justice lying down.

Gaetz listed four steps Republicans could take right now to shut down Smith.

Republicans – Gaetz explained – must demand Smith sit for a transcribed interview.

If Smith refuses, Congressional Republicans could subpoena him.

And if he refuses to comply with the subpoena, Gaetz said that  Republicans could hold him in criminal contempt of Congress.

Not only that, but if Attorney General Merrick Garland refuses to enforce those charges and prosecute Smith, then Republicans could impeach Garland.

Gaetz also previously supported defunding Smith’s witch hunt as part of the spending fight Congress will have when it returns from recess in September.

Smith is part of a cabal of Democrat prosecutors indicting Donald Trump at the state and federal levels.

Of course, their ultimate goal is to carry out the Democrat Party’s long-held desire to throw Trump in prison.

But their immediate aim is to either bleed out Trump’s support in the polls or bankrupt his campaign ahead of the General Election.

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