Matt Taibbi says the Twitter Files show government censorship of conservatives is much worse than we thought

The release of the Twitter Files by new owner Elon Musk has captivated Americans.

And we’ve seen first hand just how complicit our government has been in silencing the voices of millions.

Now ​​Matt Taibbi says the Twitter Files show government censorship of conservatives is much worse than we thought.

Many conservatives and liberty-minded Americans have been concerned about government overreach for decades.

For years those concerns have been laughed off as nothing more than “conspiracy theories.”

All the conspiracy theories are coming true

Now that is all changing as so-called “conspiracy theories” have been proven true on any number of occasions.

Conspiracy theory was a term first used to describe people who believed the JFK assassination was more involved than just a lone gunman.

Now we know that there was indeed almost certainly more to it, including involvement by the CIA. 

Even believers in UFOs have been proven at least partially right.

And as Elon Musk said about Twitter, “To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.”

Recently Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi appeared on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo and gave a quick breakdown of the role federal government agencies played in directing Twitter to do “content moderation and censorship.” 

Taibbi also pointed out the federal government even had Twitter provide them with information about individual users.

An elaborate bureaucracy of public-private censorship

As Taibbi explained, “I think the major revelation of the Twitter files so far is that we’ve discovered an elaborate bureaucracy of what you might call public-private censorship.” 

He went on to give more details about what exactly went on.

“Basically companies like Twitter have a system by which they receive ten tens of thousands of requests for action on various accounts. Typically through the DHS and FBI, but these requests for coming from basically every department in the government. We’ve seen them from the HHS, from the Treasury, from the DOD, even from the CIA,” Taibbi explained. 

But what Taibbi said next is what sent a chill down every American patriot’s spine, “And in many cases, Twitter is complying.”

Bartiromo then mentioned the FBI task force of 80 agents who were tasked solely with dealing with social media and asked Taibbi if it was more than those 80.

Taibbi estimates that the actual number is more than a thousand.

An incredible email

“We found one incredible e-mail from former FBI general counsel Jim Baker, reporter Michael Shellenberger found this, and it’s essentially celebrating that the FBI had paid $3.4 million for, quote-unquote, ‘processing requests,’” Taibbi said.

He continued, “So, in other words, all those requests that were coming through to Twitter, and we see all the e-mail traffic talking about what a burden it was for the company to process all of these requests, that’s what the money was for. For them to look at all these requests for content moderation and censorship that were coming from all these different agencies.”

Taibbi pointed out that in addition to the FBI, DHS, and other “national intelligence agencies” there were bureaucrats from dozens of other federal agencies making requests and demands, as well as from numerous state governments.

Twitter became a censorship service bureau for the government, shutting down accounts for them and providing government agents with information on users.

And they did it all even more so in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the 2020 Presidential elections.

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